Finding a new smart way to unlock your phone, this post is for you. That occurs many times that some things become your identity and like your personal Bluetooth handset or our home Wi-Fi connection. Had seen a lot of people for them the home and the family is the place where no longer passwords are needed as you are among your most trusted ones.

So how does your Mr. Android know if you are the most trusted ones?

To know that you’re at home or that is really you, you can have your physical identity as with your Bluetooth network or your home Wifi network.

What will be your Bluetooth network?

It can be your personal wireless headphones or your Smartwatch or Car’s Bluetooth.

Like for example:-

If you’re going for a jogging or just an evening walk and your phone is connected to your wireless headphone or watch, it will be you, who will be using your phone so no need authentication another example can be your personal watch, your car’s Bluetooth etc.

So how to unlock your phone with Wifi or Bluetooth?

So if you have a new Android version, there is a feature called trusted device it can be done by that and there is an app too for that called Skiplock.

The trusted device allows you to unlock your screen lock when connecting to Bluetooth or NFC and Skiplock allow you to unlock your screen when connected to Bluetooth or Wifi.

How to unlock your phone using Trusted Device?

If you have the Android lollipop or above this feature will be working fine. To set up your Android watch, or wireless handset, etc as trusted device,

Go to Security > Smartlock or Trusted device > Trusted device

Then select add Trusted device then it will list option, select Bluetooth. Make sure your Bluetooth is on and discoverable then choose that device and you are done.

trusted device

Now whenever your android is connected to that Bluetooth device, your lockscreen will bypass and you can directly use your phone.

How to unlock your phone using Skiplock?

1) Firstly download and install from the link below.

2) From the top-left corner, select the three dot button and in the menu Enable the Skip lock.


3) As this app supports both Bluetooth and Wifi turn on your device Bluetooth for searching and displaying Bluetooth devices or Wifi for same.

4) Select the device and add it to your unlocking list.

5) Done !! Now next time whenever you connect to that device it will bypass lockscreen and your device will be unlocked.


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