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We all love the racing games, and there are thousands of games available out on android stores right?? And we all came across the most famous ones like Asphalt 8 or Asphalt Nitro (Low graphic version of Asphalt 8), Asphalt 7, the Need For Speed series as NFS No Limit (latest one), NFS Most wanted and few amazing games as Real Racing 3.

This list of top 5 android racing games contain the name of games apart from this well-known ones listed above.

So Let’s start counting top 5 racing games.

1) Beach buggy racing

Beach buggy, yes as the name suggest is the buggy racing game not only near the beach but over the 15 different amazing tracks and 6 gaming modes. The amazing thing about this game is, it got powerups. There are 25 unique powerups along with team recruited powerup like like teleportation, flaming fire tracks, and confusion spells. Cool customization can be applied to cars as well as to driver. Cars from small kart to the monster truck are available. The cool thing about this game is, that this game contains spilt-screen mode. It can be played by 4 people at the same time in Android TV.

amazingdroid beach buggyamazingdroid

Check it out below:amazingdroid

2) Driver Speedboat paradise

So here comes the thrilling boat experience with Driver Speedboat Paradise. Ride more than 20 speedboats with various location around the country. The boats can be customized in various ways along with nitrous. Moreover the game has nice 3D graphics and realistic physics with 6 great game modes including drag racing and compete against your friends in the Weekly Tournament. Check it out it is fun to play.

racaing gameamazingdroidDriver speed boat

Check it out below:


3) Cyberline racing

Want some action and killing in racing like death race genre, then cyberline racing is your choice. Get amazing racing experience with 30+ combat cars which can be customized. Cars are divided into categories as  heavy armored SUVs, lightweight supercars, and technologically advanced racing fortresses. Collect blueprint to upgrade speed, nitro, shield etc. Buy different weapons and compete online and race no.1 in the leaderboard.

amazingdroid cyberline racingtop android racing game

Check it out below:


4) Ridge Racer Slipstream

This great classic game with nice graphics. The game contains two mode career and arcade mode. This one can again be played in multiplayer mode with up 8 people live. Race into 10 unique venues with 20 courses total 108 racing competitions across 6 Grand Prix Series.

ridge racing splitstream amazingdroid ridge racing splitstream

Check it out below:


5)Racing Underground

So racing underground, can be sorted in open world category in given map. This game contain racing in different game modes, chasing criminals, escaping cops, finishing the given target, etc. Racing underground has lots cars and upgrades like turbo, suspension, engine etc. The open world design in this game makes it unique from others.

racer underground amazingdroidridge racing underground

Check it out below:


Hope you like our top 5 list of unordinary android racing game. Stay tuned for more updates.

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