top keyboard apps Amazingdroid we talking of keyboard i.e one of the most important apps on our phone, yeah you get one inbuilt with the system O.S , but with stuff coming every day you need to increase the efficiency of your typing. Whether it is from just chatting to editing the document it needs to be more fast and accurate , and yea, of course, Style matter too in keyboards 😉 as it is your screen most of the time. So here is the list of some nice keyboard available over the market.

1) Google keyboard

If you are pure android stock user it comes inbuilt with O.S . Google keyboard as by google has a great soft material look with dark and light flavors. It comes with great fluid swipe and gestures. It has also voice typing integrated. If you are looking for simple and amazing you can check it out.

google keyboard

google keyboard android

Check it out below:


2)Flesky keyboard

Here comes the fastest keyboard which holds the world record for typing speed as per official claim by the developer. Flesky can find and send Gifs. Again only one which supports the custom extensions like Gifs, Editor , Android launcher , invisible keyboard( must try it’s coool.. 😉 and more. It comes with the various themes, design and 3 different customizable sizes.

flesky keyboard

flesky keyboard amazingdroid

Check it out below:


3)Swiftkey keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard has the great feature of auto-correct and predictive text writing. It learns the way and behaviour or style of your typing which helps you have accurate predictive text or message which you are going to type. Swiftkey not only text but also predict emoji and comes with bilingual autocorrect. It comes with various style , design , theme and customizable layout of the keyboard. And yea it is now purchased by MICROSOFT to reinvent and make it better.

amazingdroid swiftkey

top keyboard amazingdroid

Check it out below:


4)Ginger keyboard

Ginger keyboard comes with amazing grammar and spell checker and rephrasing ability. The keyboard contains Ginger page which allows one to review one’s Grammer, punctuations, synonyms and more. Now it has one new feature of rephrasing your text, which can spice up your style. Ginger even comes with cool retro games (like 2048,snakes,chopter..etc) to play within the keyboard (really fun to play 😉 . One of the another cool features is a smart bar which helps to make quick notes and keep frequently used apps. And of course normal feature as emoji prediction, various design, and theme, here, it allows you to create your own theme.

ginger keyboard

amazing keyboard

Check it out below:


5)Minuum keyboard

Minuum is a great one as it adjusts no matter what screen or how big are your finger are. It has a feature to make keyboard split over the screen, divide into two or ever very small for a big finger . Minuum also comes with the gesture and clipboard feature to perform basic functions as copy, cut, and paste. Also comes with the emoji and great text prediction. Minuum comes with great themes.

minuum keyboard amazingdroid

top android keyboard

Check it out below:



  1. Fleksy delivers a large keyboard and simple gestures to provide record-breaking typing speeds . With a swipe up or down you can correct words from a list of recommendations, while a back swipe will delete a word, and a swipe forward will add a period.

    • Yea will surely look it up in our upcoming list.. Thanks for your feedback we appreciate it… Make sure to share and stay tuned for more 😉


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