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Everyone nowadays wants his best clicks to improve their social image. Now, most of the time I don’t think you are surrounded by some DSLR guy or photographers to take your great pics right? So why not make your ordinary photos an extraordinary one. So let’s get Started:

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps

Here is the list of some Amazing Photo Editing apps that you should try to make your photo look Fantastic.

1) PicsArt

PicsArt, as expected, is one of the best options you can get to edit photos. It is kinda all-rounder as it has most of the functions. PicsArt is not just limited to just photo editing app it has its own social community, challenges, and even stores if you think you need something more. All these in one app makes it one of the best photo editor apps for Android.

Home Feeds: Now the Feeds are nicely managed by the app. At home, you will get the best trending and most liked pics, where you can like it, share it, comment and even save it which is a really nice feature.

Discover: They really improved it with some latest updates. You can explore peoples and amazing pics in all different ways. Everyday by trending hashtags, next you create and search awesome stickers, Upcoming challenges, Most liked pics, Follow people where you can find new peoples to follow and more.

Challenges: They post various challenges on various topics such as Object emotions, Inspiration, Sun in the hand and hundreds of more which come regularly and later they display the results.

Image Editing: You can select Edit to edit the image, collage in various styles, Draw in which you draw from scratch and lastly the stickers.

best photo editing apps

In editing PicsArt gives you lots of customization options like you can add stickers, from basic tools like select, cropping to advance feature like the stretch, adjust by curves etc can be done. Unlike other apps, he filters are categorized in various category like artistic, blur, paper etc.

Magic is again an option by which you can give effects like you used to give in-app Prisma. Apart from all these, there are various features you can use like cutout, text, lens flare, square fit, mask etc. All these features really work well and can really create the photo you wish.

After editing you can either save as private or publish on your profile or socials by giving proper hash tags and location too.

In case you don’t have this app, links below:


2) Airbrush

Airbrush is one of the best photo editing app for selfie lovers. It got everything you want to tune your face from no matter how it is you can fix your selfies here. It allows you to directly take photos with your filters applied or you can just click and edit later.

best photo editing apps

It has lots of options to tune the face, almost everything can be covered up and can be changed easily. Here are the some best features mentioned:

Smooth: To smoothen your skin.
Acne: Removes Acne from the face.
Firm: Removes Wrinkles.
Whiten: Whiten your teeth.
Brighten: Brighten eyes, face.
Concealer: Remove those Dark Circles.
Resize: Resize the things on the face.
Reshape: Thin or thick any part of your face.
Skin tone: Change your Skin tone very easily.

And even more options like makeup which are predefined make up effects which give extra effect on the face and looks really good and natural.

I, Personally really like this app for the personal touch to your face. You can call this app as one of the best apps for selfie or editing face photos.

Check out Airbrush here:


3) Photo Director

Photo Director is again one of the best apps for editing photos and making a collage. It has its own camera app within so that you can take the pics directly using it’s filter and blur effect.

best photo editing apps

Camera: Gives you some cool filters within the camera, along with the blur effect if you want. It also allows you click with various fixed ratios.
Collage: Photo Director allows you to select up to 6 pics and on the number of pics you choose it gives you collage styles available.
Edit: Now this has various tools like the one you saw in pics art. You can basic edit, blend, use overlays, instafill for Instagram, add text and scene and much more. Also got smart removal tool by which you can remove objects from the image.

It got shop, from where you can fetch a couple of extra ones.

Check out Photo Director here:


4) Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe made it’s way to Android market since long by giving out various apps. We are already aware of the old Adobe Photoshop Express which was a really quick way to edit the photo and give them various filter. Now Adobe made it’s way in small fixes too by Adobe Photoshop Fix and with the recent updates, it seems like it can do a lot more than just small fix. That’s what made it rolled in our list of best photo editing app that is available on playstore.

best photo editing apps

You can really make the image a lot better than original one by some retouch and restoration and that’s what Photoshop Fix does. You can lighten, heal, smooth, liquify and much more in the app. Moreover, the Adobe has Creative Cloud support which is really nice as you can save your editing and then can continue in desktop or vice versa.

Check out Adobe Photoshop Fix here:-


5) Snapseed

Now, this thing is powered by Google. Snapseed is a nice app to edit your images with the nice and clean interface. The app has 29 Tools and filter, you may miss some advanced feature in this app but yet satisfies you and can give you really nice images.

The app uses Stack for compound editing which is a feature I really like. All your filter or effects applied are lined up in as the stack, so if you want to edit it any of the previous layers you can select and edit. It is unlike the other apps where you need to go and find the effect and change into it, it’s sometimes not possible in few apps.

Check out the Snapseed here:-


6) Fotor

Fotor is powerful editing tool too as it is all rounder by having editing app, social platform, challenges. The like above state has a social platform for photographers as they can share, show their pics, participate in challenges and can win prizes and gain attraction by photographers which can even helo you to make some sales.

best photo editing apps

Other than that the app has its own camera which provides you few options like a square, stabilizer, big button etc. If you check out editing part the app has filters, enhance tool, etc customization option. You can also create stickers in Fotor.

Check out Fotor here: –

7) BeautyPlus

Beauty Plus is nice app perfect app for girls. This is a photo editing app for the face which specially focuses upon tuning the face and also give some cool effects to it. You must have seen some animation to faces, if wondered how to make them, then here is the solution to make AnimeFace. You can make Anime face with the help of AnimeCam this allows you to set variously available animations to your face and they keep on adding with their updates.

best photo editing apps

Apart from that BeautyPlus has some nice tools to clean up your face from any marks, acne, change your face tone, remove wrinkles. If you don’t want to do all these manually there is the option of auto fix which will automatically set it up. There is it’s own camera for video effects too you can give various effects while shooting a video.

Check out BeautyPlus here:


8) Repix

Repix is not of the one you usually see for editing. It has its own sets of effects which give the pics its own flavor. Repix can be more called for making your pic in an Art form rather than just editing it.

best photo editing apps

The app has 30+ handcrafted brush to give effect to your photo. It also provides the unique set of Decoration, Animation, Effect, Artistic brush and color to give your pic an amazing look. There is nice 16 designed filter like spotlight one, 17 beautiful framed, quick tools to give fast effect to your pic.

Check out Repix here:

9) Toolwiz Pro

Toolwiz Pro is an Amazing app with lots of unique functionalities. This is again an all rounder type of app it has lots different functionalities like face tunning, urban image editing, that prisma effect etc. There are some cool functions such as Face rater which judges your age and gives you a beauty score which can be shared on social. The next nice thing is Duplicate Finder which will find duplicate or similar photos from your gallery and show you so you can save up some space.

best photo editing apps

In editing section, there is a nice set of editing option available such as flares, textures, nice filters, clipart etc. Then various photography options like the light leak, cloud, lens flare, depth in the field etc. It has again a great set of toning and tools like blending, lens corrections, refill, descrew, day lighting, HSL, levels and much more. You have the option in portrait such as skin, body slimming, stretching, blemish and more and finally, there is Art filter categorized nicely like the crayon, noise, crystal, wall painting etc.

Check out Toolwiz pro:

10) Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is an app perfect for posting on stories on socials in a really funky way. Yea the app is limited to just effects but they are really amazing and give your photo a unique look.The cool thing about this app is its stickers and effects. After installing the app you need to download some of them if you want access to all but fun trying it.

best photo editing apps

There is also any MEME generator which is nothing but you can write above and below the pic like you see in MEMEs and then share it with your friends. Finally, with the help of auto tune option, it will give edit your photo based on the category you select such as food, portrait etc.

Check our Photo Editor Pro:



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