super mario run android

The one of the most awaited game in Super Mario Run Android version is out for a download. Have a quick look, what’s new!!

Everyone has played this game either on their PC’s or on Nintendo itself. Many Mario release came out making it better and better. Super Mario already came out for iOS and now it is available in android playstore. 

What’s new in Super Mario Run Android

The Game has been customized a lot. Now no need to press for going forward Mario run forward automatically what you need to do is just tap to jump, that’s it! 

The thing which is amazing about Super Mario Run is that there’s no need to worry about the small enemies it automatically vaults over them and jump over them to do some cool moves.

The game also added some really new things that never existed before like WORLD TOUR, TOAD RALLY, KINGDOM BUILDER.

super mario run android

WORLD TOUR: – It is the map of 24 stages divided into 6 worlds to show where you are, what you completed. How many purple or main coins you collected. At end of every world, there is main BOSS level.

TOAD RALLY:Toad rally is the level in which you can show you cool moves to the other player. You can see the ghost of another player on the level.

KINGDOM BUILDER: – With the help of kingdom builder you can make the various building like shop etc, on you main kingdom with the help or coins or tickets you have collected, which will boost your game. Like Bonus play, it is door game in which right door will lead to lots of coins and prizes.

Check out the Super Mario Run here: –


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