stupid zombies 3

Now cmon who doesn’t wanna shoot the stupid zombies, it has one of the favorite flavors since a long time. The stupid zombies 3 is one of the best casual game available out there in the playstore. This game deals with shooting the zombies by a bullet which has the ability to bounce off the wall or object several times, and by using your tactics kill as many as you can with a single bullet.

Stupid zombies 3

The game even provides various type of weapons to kill those stupid zombies. The amazing thing about the game is, zombies just are stupid as the name suggest ‘ Stupid zombies 3 ‘. They do not move at all just waiting for a bullet to enter their head XD. Unlike, previous versions, the game deal with the killing some amount of zombies with given bullet to finish the level.

Stupid zombies 3 is the amazing strategy, casual game.

Graphics of the games are also good and far better than then previous versions. The interesting thing is you will like the way they stare at the bullet when it is fired.  In the previous version of Stupid zombies, it needs to kill all zombies to finish the level standing at a place. The new version of stupid zombies the zombie killer moves throughout the stage not like before and need to kill some amount to complete the level.

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The game even provides various type of weapons to kill those stupid zombies, such as rusty Shotgun, Fiery Flare Gun, Grannie’s Homemade RPG Launcher and the all new Baseball Bomber. There amazing 130 stages to clear each with the great concept.

You will enjoy shooting randomly and killing zombies with the explosion in the earlier stage. But as the level increases every bullet counts. Then try to shoot as much as you can with a single hit. Guys give it a try.

Do check out Stupid zombies 3 ?? It’s right below


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