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send money by truecaller payTrue caller as we all know is the one of the best call identification app and with the recent updates, the app allows you to do a lot more than that. TrueCaller now allows you to send money directly to your bank account using UPI (Unified Payments Interface), do recharges on prepaid as well as postpaid cards.

The UPI-based payment that same one which we discussed earlier. If you have no idea what UPI is ? and how it is special? check out post mentioned below first.
And yea small update to it, now BHIM pays to Rs.10 check out below:

Here it is: What makes UPI special & how to use and earn using BHIM


Considering that you already know now, so let me mention this, that truecaller now can send money using UPI with the collaboration with ICICI bank.

I know especially in this country there are already of options and apps to do the same thing, but I think it was the step towards reducing hassle among the user while sending money. This is really good as you need not install more apps to just send money to another person.

How to send money using Truecaller: –

If are familiar with any UPI apps, the process is almost the same.
1) Download and install Truecaller app.
2) Select the Person you want to send money(Tip: While selecting a person, touch on profile pic or that “i” symbol at the end else it will place a call).
3) Then select send money using UPI (If you cannot see this option please update Truecaller app)

4) Verify the mobile number.
5) Now if you already have then no problem if you don’t have UPI id it will ask you to create one.
6) Then select your Bank (At this stage you can even pay with any of your other UPI apps by selecting the option at the bottom of the screen “Pay with OTHER UPI app”)
7) As we mentioned before in the post that paying with UPI is a lot simpler than it used to be.

So here also, just enter Recipient id, Enter the Amount, Comment if you wish to ( not compulsory, just to make what’s was the transaction for).

8) Then it will just ask for PIN, that’s it money sent.

How to recharge using Truecaller: –

Well the method is same again, then also let’s have a quick look: –

send money using truecaller

1) Open the menu at top left corner.
2) Select Recharge.
3) Now, there you have it. Select payment prepaid or postpaid. Enter number and operator.
4) You will get all the plans listed there.
5) Enter the UPI pin and its DONE.

Really, It’s just super quick.

You can literally recharge or send money to anyone under 1 Minute.

Hope you found this useful, do check out this post.

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