Recover lost notification

What if you in hurry or just accidentally dismissed or clear out your any important notification and want to get that back? It will be really hard recover lost notification unless you know this trick.

You might be thinking, why you even want that notification ? or notifications are unique so what’s the problem in that? The problem will occur if you have lots of apps on your android like most modern phones are capable of. If you have lots of apps it will be hard to recognize sometimes whose notification it was you lost or dismissed.

For Example,

If you have 3 news apps and in morning saw an interesting news notification but by mistake, you lost that or swiped that and wanna read that article. So to know that you need to go through all 3 news apps and maybe there are chances that the notification came in midnight with other news so you have to search through a lot of news to recover lost notification.

Here is the step to recover lost notification on Android: –

Lost notification can easily be recover without any app just by an in build Widget. 

Here is the step by step method to add Widget and recover your lost notification: –

  1. Long press on your home screen and select Widget option.
  2. Scroll in Widget till you find Settings Widget.
  3. Long hold and add it to your Home screen.
  4. When adding it will ask which option shortcut you want it to set.
  5. Scroll down and select notification log in it.

how to recover lost notification

That’s it! Now you can easily recover your lost notification by launching that widget.

It will provide you all the notification all till a certain time range. So if by chance you accidentally missed or lost a notification you can easily recover it from notification log.

Hope you will never miss a notification by this. Do share if you like !



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