dark echo

Wanna try something out of the box, dark echo one of them. Yea, I know u barely will understand anything by screen shots. Game deals with the motion of movement of the sound waves in a dark room like something. Observing the motion of the sound, make the way out of the place and avoid various difficulty game provide, Sounds boring, right..??? But it’s not.

dark echo

Dark echo has an amazing concept…

In this game, you are trapped in darkness and using sound and its path or pattern visualize the environment around you. Using the sound as a guide, you have to get out of the threatening environment and find the exit to finish the level. If won’t take much time to you to figure out that you are attracting the evil by your only way of sensing the world.

dark echo

Hope you can survive through the 80 amazing levels with great sound and get the best experience with headphones.

The various colour line represents various environments and things like red lines as a danger, blue as water, yellow as some key or mechanism, you know like something to open door or way or to trigger something, etc.. In sound aspects, the game especially focuses on horror aspects.While playing like game captures you and give amazing headphone experience.

So seems interesting now. Wanna check it out ??? its right below..


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