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Do you ever suspect that someone is trying to unlock their phone without their permissions or when they are not available? But not know who that person was? Then this post is for you.

There are many times where we want to know who tried to unlock your phone when you were not present. I have seen many people hating this thing and always wanna know but can’t. This post will help to identify the person who is trying to unlock your phone when you not available by clicking the pic with the front camera of the person who is attempting. This post contains few apps that will help you to do that.

So, How to know who tried to unlock your lockscreen?

There are various apps which will allow you to take the pic of the person when he tried invalid or wrong pin or password.

Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

Lockwatch app allows you to take the pic of the person on entering the wrong lockscreen password when it enabled. Lockwatch has the great features if you want it can email you with the pic of the person and location of your phone too.


This feature is helpful when by mistake you left your phone somewhere on shop or any place and forgot, so as soon as anyone open your phone and try to unlock screen the app with sending you picture of that person which is clicked by your front camera when that person is trying to unlock your phone and location too. So Incase of theft too, this features are useful and help to find the criminal too.

There is an also a premium version of Lockwatch which will allow you to record 20 seconds of audio too, take multiple photos and detect Sim card changes too.

Check out Lockwatch here: –


Crook Catcher

Crook catcher is again a nice app which nice design and interface. Crook catcher provide various methods to catch the person who is trying to unlock your phone. With crook catcher, you can capture an image of the person, send him the device notification, send an email, send location and alert too.

crook catcher

Crook catcher allows you to set the no. of an attempt on which it clicks the pic. The apps keep the record of all the clicked pics in the app with all the data mentioned above.

Check out crook catcher: –


Third eye

The third eye clicks the pic of the person when someone enters wrong PIN, Pattern or Password. There are various other features. The Third eye allows you to know when you last time you logged in and keeps that log.

third eye

Check out the Third eye here: –


Intruder selfie

Intruder selfie is a very simple app which will take the photos of the person who tried to unlock the screen in your absence. You can configure this app even to click the picture when the screen is successfully unlocked or both when unlocked or failed.

Intruder selfie

You can setup in two steps, Firstly give the permission by the Device admin and then enable the app and is activated.

Check out Intruder selfie here: –


Hidden eye

The Hidden eye is a very simple app to click the pic of the person who enters the wrong password. The interface is really not good looking but it works pretty well.

hidden eye

There is also a paid version called Hidden eye plus which has again not a good interface but have options like emailing the pic, showing alert etc.

Check Hidden eye here: –


Hope now you know what to do


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