google voice access

Till now the voice control features were very limited to just some basic task like opening apps, making a search, reminders etc. but now with google voice access one can control the phone fully with able to access each and every option available on the screen. Earlier the voice commands were no substitutes for the screen but now that you can give commands like swipe, scroll etc.This Voice control app is still in its very earlier stage but soon can take over the way we use phones

And if almost all functions can be done without touching screen so it will be standing really useful in our day-to-day activities like driving, etc.

Meet Google voice access

Here is the little peek of the app, while installing enable the voice access from the settings.




Go through the quick tutorials, after completion it can be activated by saying hotword “Start voice access”.


Soon it will display the numbers on the screen on each and every options, icons , they call the number in order to press there.

amazingdroid voice control

It is now available in playstore and can be downloaded by becoming a tester.

You can have a look of it below.




    • no doesn’t work as we expect it still has lots of lags, even have to activate use it when u have internet connection… and it is still in beta stage.


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