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Hey everyone, Welcome back with one more amazing how to. Now facebook been one of the biggest platforms many wanted this kind of feature since long and no doubt it has finally arrived. So as the title suggest, it is possible to send a secret message on Messenger and start a private conversation.

Finally with an update to messenger facebook introduced this feature and now supports an end to end encryption and if you do not see this option mentioned in this tutorials we recommend updating your messenger app.

What is the self-destructing secret message?

It is a message which deletes itself after a certain amount of time which is set by the user. It deletes on both side sender’s side as well as receiver’s side and there is no trace of messages. You can send text, picture, etc.

The secret messaging feature is very useful when it comes to privacy and still lacks in many other platforms like Whatsapp, etc and adopted by some platforms like Google Allo, Facebook Messenger. This feature gives a new platform to more confidential talks and provides the next level of privacy. Still, Facebook bought Whatsapp app does not have this feature and can be expected in future.

How to send a Secret message ?

To start sending the messages first you need to enable it on your device.

1) Open the Facebook messenger app on your device and go to the “My profile” or “ME” tab located right-most on tab list.

2) Scroll down and select Secret Conversation.

3) Then enable it, while doing it will ask some basic permission, Allow it.

Now it is enabled on your device and ready to use. Here are the step for using it.

1) Select new conversation and “Write message“.

2) Then it will display the list of contacts and now on the top right corner you can see option to turn on Secret message.

3) Then select the contact and you will be able to send Secret messages to them.

how to send secret message

Here is the other way:-

While in conversation with some person click on the “i” information bottom on the top right corner and opening that you will be able to see Secret CConversationoption. Using that it will open other chat having the secret conversation with that person.

You can set the timer from lower right most tab. You can timer from 5 seconds to 1 hour and even can be turned off.

How to delete all secret conversation?

1) Open the messenger on your android and head on the your profile tab located on top right corner.

2) Go to Secret Conversation

3) Then select “Delete all secret conversation” and click yes in pop-up and it will delete all the conversation.

How to block a secret conversation?

This is the thing you should know well it can be useful in many situation like maybe you talking to person in normal message but not want him to send you any secret text in that case also it is useful.

1) Open the app and select conversation you wanna block.

2) Open option of his info by selecting “i” on top right corner.

3) Scroll till last you will find Block conversation.Select it to block any secret message from the person.

Try it youself and let us know if you find this useful by commenting.

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