how to use android without touching

Welcome to a new year, where android apps are going beyond their limits and getting more amazing. Now it is possible to use your phone without touch, without the voice, without any Bluetooth extra device and yes it is accurate. Let’s see how to use your phone without touching.

This method is found very recently, at least the time when the post is written, it was really very hard to find this on any other website. So yea, you can call us the first among to write the post about it.

So how to use your phone without touching?

If you’re our subscriber, you knew that we discussed a method before too, to control the phone without touching which was by Google.

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To control the phone where are few other methods too like controlling via voice, sensor. But we gonna discuss controlling your android via FACE.

Yea controlling phone with face detection is made possible by EVA Facial Mouse. 


EVA Facial Mouse

Actually, this app is a step towards helping the paralyzed people or people who have a problem with hands or are weak. So they can simply use this app to use the phone normally and perform some basic task.

Yea, you cannot use the camera, or play games or use some apps with this yet due to its limitation maybe it’s possible with Eva facial mouse’s upcoming versions.

This app is still in it’s developing stage but still, it works great. In day Sunlight it works great even from a metre far distance.

Let’s see How to install EVA Facial mouse?

1) Download and install from the link below the post.

2) It will require giving Accessibility. For some phones giving this when it is turned on maybe your screen lock will not work.

Eva face monitor

3) After granting access, it will ask to Enable the ‘Eva Keyboard‘. For that go to Setting > Language & input > Current Keyboard > Choose Keyboards and select Eva Keyboard.

4) After enabling the keyboard, make it your current one or default one. To do that Just go a step back and choose Current Keyboard > Eva Keyboard.


You can just open any messaging app or notepad and when Keyboard comes go to notification area choose Change Keyboard > Eva Keyboard.

Eva face monitor

5) Now face detection, It will work best if you try it in natural sunlight or at day time. Now, look at your front facing camera approximately by holding the phone at 30-50 cm distance in a natural position. 

As it detects your face border will turn into Red.

6) After then you can see a cursor on your screen, which you can control with your face motion just slight turn and it will move the mouse.

You can set the sensitivity over there which is as horizontal and vertical. (For me 9-10 horizontal 9-10 vertical was good).

Eva face monitor

7) Now to their is scroll tutorial you can scroll using the corner buttons on your screen. After Some instructions, and your setup is complete.

How to use EVA Facial Mouse?

At starting, it was a great experience for me to interact your device like that. Hope you have too.

After installing you will see the floating buttons, of which top three represents your hardware keys or software keys whatever your phone have. Then next one to open your notification this one is pretty awesome. Then next ones as open the keyboard, Toggle pointer Context menu.

The last option is to disable automatic click when you watching a video or reading something. You can hide or show these option by the side arrow.

To change settings, go in the app or accessibility > select settings it will show its settings.

You can edit the setting there and set what suits you, I am showing my setting here to you can try that.

Horizontal speed: 9 (or 10)                  Vertical speed: 9 (or 10)

Mouse Acceleration: ( 2 is alright)      Motion threshold: 1

Dwell time: 5 (Don’t forget to change this or it will take a long time to click).

And lastly in “Disable Eva when face not detected” set as “after 10 seconds” or else it will keep running even if app lost face detection.

Here the download link of Eva Facial Mouse: –


Now an important note: –
You cannot close this app by swiping left or closing app. To close Eva you need to turn off from the Accessibility > Eva Facial mouse > Turn off.

Even you do not use it in your daily life, but it’s really cool to try it and have that experience. Will be bringing this type of unique updates again soon.

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