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Whatsapp added a new feature called Whatsbot which is a WhatsApp Virtual Assistance. So if you are a Whatsapp user you really need to know this. The Whatsapp was given a nice competition by other messaging platforms making it unpopular day-by-day. The latest one is Google Allo which released last month which is a tough competitor to WhatsApp in its initial stage. Allo also had virtual assistance by google. So with the update, whatapp managed to include that feature in it.

So how to install Whatsbot Virtual Assistance ?

First of all, you cannot see any options or new menu to use Whatsbot with the update. What you need to do is :-

1) Add the whatsapp virtual assistance number shown below to your contact list:-


And save it as “Whatsapp assistance“, it is not anything particular but recommend naming as such for convenience.

3) Now open the Whatsapp.

4) From the upper-right corner, menu selects create a group.

5) Find and Add the “Whatsapp Assistance” the number you recently added.

6) Now Name the group anything you want but do it something as “Assistance”, so you will know and easily can differ among your groups, person, and this bot.

7) That’s it !! It’s done and ready to use.

How to use Whatsbot ?

So, as soon as you open the chat it will pop out some of the lists of thing you can do with it.

But we gonna expand a Lil bit more and show you things not listed can be done.

1) First of all, as written you can subscribe to various updates, like football, news, cricket, Hollywood news, Bollywood news etc. by adding plus sign before.

For example “+football,+news” and will send to news at certain time interval.

For unsubscribing use “-” sign. For example : “-football,-news”.

Due to some reason, if not accessible with this number don’t worry it will provide you a different number which you can add to your contact for news feed and it will be just you search assistance. For present case it gave the number like this :-


2) Like as earlier, you can subscribe to devotional content too. Like Ramayan, Bible, Quran,Guru Granth, Jain etc.

As above for unsubscribing use “-“.For example:-Bible,-Ramayan.

3) You can do a web search just by typing “Search Search-text”.

For example “Search Amazingdroid” 😉

search amazingdroid

4) You can do a Wikipedia search by typing “Wiki Search-text“.

For example “Search Google pixel”

And hence it will bring top 4-5 searches which you can select replying the number back like “1,2,3” and will give you information about that topic. You can see the thing working in the screenshot.

5) You can know movies near you and it will pop you with the list of movies going around. Can do by typing

+movie <pincode>

whatsbot movie

6) Now here it comes more useful if you do not know meaning of any word  and it will send you the meaning of that word.

Done by typing “DICT Searchword”.

7) Can play a quiz with it by typing +gk and it will send pop you with questions which you need to answer within 30 seconds. After few questions, it will stop automatically and display your score and even give you rank based upon your correct answers.


whatsbot gk quiz


Nice start for Whatsapp virtual assistance it is still under development but comparing with google assistance it still lacks behind. If you are Whatsapp user should definately check it out.

Comment you thoughts and experience and if you like it share it with your friends 😉





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