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So how to remove duplicate contacts from Android? Duplicate contact has been a problem for a long time. It was irritating and time-consuming to remove all. And even when removed they came back by from online synced account. If you have the same number twice in your phone do read it sure it will be solved. 

So what are duplicate contacts? as the name suggest It is nothing but the same number stored with the same or different name. Now, why would anyone do that? It’s mostly done by mistake. Like did you remember the old phone where people used to store their contacts in different places like Phone, SIM, etc. good no problem. The problem occurs when they change phones, swift from one phone to another by buying or repairing purpose, insert SIM cards or Memory cards to other and place their contacts their, etc. And you have contacts as (Dhruv, Dhruv or KrishnaP, KrishnaR) having the same number. The story does not end here.

Even you remove the duplicate contacts from the phone it will come back again from your synced Google account when you restore it. So it is necessary to remove duplicate contacts from the phone as well as from Google data.

Duplicate contacts will not do anything more than creating confusion and increase the length of your contact list without any purpose. So it is good to remove the duplicate contacts from your phone. So this post we will clear out those problems completely both on phone and online too.

How to remove duplicate contacts from Android?

There are lots of apps which remove duplicate contacts from the phone we preferred these two: –

1) Merge+

Merge+ is so simple to use. Simple I mean just one click and you have your contacts merged. Just open the app select Find duplicates. And it will display all your duplicates on your phone. Then select all or can select one by one those contacts you want to merge and you have your contacts merged. Simple!

remove duplicate contacts

Merge+ can be downloaded from here: –


2) Contacts Optimizer

Contacts optimizer is an amazing app and does a lot of things other than just merging the contacts.

Here are the steps for merging contacts: –

1. To merge the contact you need to first connect it to your Google account.

2. Then go to Duplicates search the duplicate.

3. Select the ones you want to merge and your duplicate contacts are removed.

remove duplicate contacts

Moreover, you can fill in empty contacts names means the contacts with the number and no name, correct invalid contacts, can fill in missing information. You can even capitalize contacts, replace some particular contacts names with some other words etc. There are lot of feature in Contacts Optimizer.

Check out Contacts Optimizer here: –


How to remove duplicate contacts from Google?

Removing from phone duplicate contacts is not enough they will come back later if you restore those contacts from Google. So there is an easy way to remove duplicate contacts from Google.

Here are the steps to remove duplicate contacts: –

1) Go to this Google Contacts and log in your account.

2) It will give you nice instruction and then will show you preview window where you will have your contacts to the right and options to the left.

duplicate contacts

3) Then on the left side go to Find Duplicates and it will show you the duplicates you have.

4) Choose the ones you want to merge else dismiss them.

5) That will modify your contacts on your Google account so next time you will not face duplication at all.

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