How to play youtube in backgroud

Everyone like to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, right? When talking of youtube it does it’s work pretty well but they have some small limitations. Like if you have noticed you cannot play youtube videos in the background. O.K about not seeing videos but you cannot even hear audio if you minimize the app or switch screen. So giving complete dedication to an app? that ain’t working nowadays. So believe me this tutorial as how to play youtube in background gonna solve a lot of your problem 😉

So, Actually how to play youtube in background? There are two options:-

To play you need an expensive phone with multi-window feature / Latest O.S like Android 7.0 nougat which really allows your phone to be used in multiscreen


Just get a better solution like below ;).

So how to play youtube in background??

All you need is AWESOME POPUP VIDEO PLAYER (link below just go on reading ).

This app allows you to play not only youtube videos but also Vimeo and most others available on the web. It plays the video on the floating screen which you can easily throw at any corner of the screen while doing your other stuff such as chatting, emails, social etc.

The amazing thing about this “awesome pop-up video player” is that you get a nice, clean resizable screen which can expand from you whole screen width to the just size of your thumb which is really cool.

Next thing is you can sign in to your youtube account and can easily access your favorites playlist, watch later etc. Now, this feature is great as you can search video on youtube as well as Vimeo. You can change that from the top as youtube, Vimeo or over the web options.

The setting provided are really simple which helps you to customize a Lil bit. You can adjust transparency or screen as well as notification. Select your favorite theme color among the predefined available sets. Awesome Popup allows you to choose preferred playback video quality from 240p to 1080p, screen-off playback of all ( except youtube videos ) and hardware acceleration.

The premium version called as a golden ticket will allow you to even download the videos.

You set download location as well. You can remember last window position so it will play the video next time at same place and size.

Another things is video can be added to queue while playing it which is one the best feature. Just while playing video keep adding video make a queue and you will have the unstoppable long time of entertainment, while doing your other work seriously.

There are other alternatives available such as FlyTube.

It is just a simple app for watching youtube videos as floating window. This design looks close to Youtube.

The app is great but the free version of this app don’t allow you to resize the floating window. You can unlock that feature by upgrading to premium. And again like comparing with Awesome popup video player, it doesn’t come with downloading, making the queue and other features.

Download Awesome Pop-up Video from here:-


Download Flytube from below:-


So how was it? Make sure you share your experience with us and help all other readers in the comments 😉




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