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K, so ever since the google assistance is launched with google pixel phone, it has been on the wishlist of every Android fan to have it. Now you can grab the one best feature of Google pixel to your phone and can have your own virtual personal assistant.

Yea, It was possible after the couple week of the release to have it on your phone too, but you know what it had one big condition – “Root”. Anyways now it is possible to enable Android Assistance on any Android phone.

Actually, it can be used on any android device using the app called Allo. But to use it you need to open the app and it is not what we want.

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What Special features the Google Allo has?

Google confirmed to give Android assistance to Android devices having Marshmallow or above versions but the roll out is really very slow.

Google assistance is one of the best features of Google Pixel phones and you can have it easily by the end of this post.

So Let’s get started: –

How to get Google Assistance on any Android (without root)

It really works and has been tested on various devices.

K, so steps are simple, to enable Google assistance on your smartphone, Firstly you need to join Beta programs of 2 apps, Google play services and Google app itself.

1) Go to the Settings>Google select on top right corner button and select Help and feedback.

2) Then select View on Google Play store, it will nothing but open the Google services in Play store. If you know the Google services you can directly head on to the play store.

3) Now here’s the main part you need to sign up for Beta tester program which is available at the last. You can have a look at Screenshot.

google assistant on any phone

4) After you signed up for Google play services, time to sign up for Google app. So, just search in play store “Google” > select the Google app > At the last sign up for Beta program. 

5) After joining Beta version of the apps, you have to update those apps. For that Just search those apps in play store and check if they need any update. OR go in “My apps and games” section in Playstore > Beta tab > there you have them, you can check if any update is required.

6) K, now you are pretty close, now you have to clear the data of those both apps. So, for that Go to Settings > Apps > Go to Google > Manage Space and select CLEAR ALL DATA.

7) Now follow the same steps for Google play services too and Clear all data.

8) Nice, you have done it. Now just open google app and set all things up.

9) If you didn’t have it yet, no problem at all, just open the Google app > Settings > Select the Google assistant, there it is.  

google assist in any phone

10) Now you have your all new, one of the best virtual Google assistance. A detailed post on Google assistant tips and tricks is coming soon, till then you can have a look at What Google assistant can do.

Hope you like this post, and I guess can now easily get a Google assistant on your android. Any doubts or issues let me know in the comments below.

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