how to create your own lockscreen

Lockscreen are awesome if you have the latest android version but if not you must be tired of the old boring lock screen. Here’s the solution to, how you can create your own lock screen, customize it.

In stock android, you can just change the lockscreen image nothing else, here in this post by the various apps, will show how you can customize your lockscreen.

So How to create your own lockscreen on android?

1)  My Locker

Firstly, the My locker app which is popular in this category. My locker allows you to create your own lockscreen. You can even add a widget to it like clock, date, battery percent, calendar etc. and has very nice and simple interface.

create your own lockscreen

How to customize using My Locker?

1) Installing the app generates the unique id for your device just agree and continue.

2) It will prompt to disable your system lockscreen if you do not do it, there will not be desired output, maybe you need to unlock two lockscreen or etc.

3) Then default available themes of My Locker is available on the main screen. You can access your made themes over here.

4) To download the themes, select the option next to the setting on the top bar. That will provide you with 1000+ themes with which you can sort by rank, category etc.

5) To create your own theme, go to the plus icon on the top bar and select your theme name and template.

6) With the blank out the layout, you can add various widget (like Image, memo, date, app icon etc. ) and also effects( like the circle, snow, blur, music etc.) which are pretty awesome.

7) You can even move the layer up and down of object or widget from below bar and make them overlap.

8) After finishing up your theme save it and can be used as your lockscreen now.

If you have the nice wallpaper, you can add up things perfectly. All over it nice app for the user who wants to create their own lockscreen it is very customizable. You can add or change the sound of lockscreen too.

Do check out My locker here: –


2) Hi Locker

Hi locker is a just  simple amazing lockscreen customization app which has the limited option but they are really cool one. Like others, you can set widget, wallpaper in this too. You can write or place some text on your lockscreen selecting among 10 nice fonts.

create your own lockscreen

Hi locker gives functionality change your unlock style from default, lollipop or iPhone style. You can open or dismiss notifications from the lockscreen and also you can blur or automatically change the wallpaper.

The new feature is it provides you the timeline of the events of next few days by swiping left on lockscreen which looks great. Another thing is you can quickly access your favorite app from lockscreen by long press.

Check out Hi locker here: –


3)Lock Screen Club

Lock screen club is again a nice app to customize lockscreen. It has the pre-installed theme as well as you can create your own. The new feature in it is you can share your theme and you can customize widget that you are selecting.

create your own lockscreen

There is special theme created by the artist. There is a smart panel for notification. It also has around 100’s of themes. If you customize this in a right way it can be an awesome one.

Check out Lock Screen Club here: –

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