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Yea it’s time to meet Google’s new messaging app named Allo. Google recently launched Allo and it is now all over the web.

So is Google Allo is better than other messaging apps? What makes it better or worst? What feature makes it unique ? Let’s see.

So let’s have a look at Google Allo review :

1) Nice design

The app is carved by google as expected its very smooth and clean. Like all app you can have a group chat, etc but there are many new features which make it interesting.

2) Shout text

First of all, they included the feature call shout text which probably was not available in any other messaging app. By this, you can simply increase or decrease the size of your text while sending. To change the size simply just hold the send button and move up and down. This help making the texts more live. It allows you to snap and edit photos and send videos too.

3) Incognito text / private text

Second, the cool one is incognito text sound familiar right? Yea, we use this feature in the browser which does not leave any trace or track of your browsing. Same it does for text too it leave no trace of your chats, they are totally deleted from both ends. The great thing about this is you can manually set the time at which you want your text to disappear. It ranges from 5 sec to 1 week.

4) Smart reply

Third the smart reply feature. You know, for some text replies are common. It allows you to choose among the reply so no need to type manually and saves your time. You can even reply without opening the Allo. It will pop in your notification, just select reply and done.


5) Stickers

Fourth the interesting one is stickers. They came up with really cool normal and GIF stickers too. And can download more from their sticker store.

6) Google Assistance

Last but not the least the Google Assistance. It is your google now with something extra. This one is ultimate. You can do all things you did in google now like set alarm, make a reminder, navigate, search ATM , restaurants etc. The new things are this time it provides you small games like Pac-Man, Rubik’s cube etc. quiz, puzzle and emoji puzzle,quiz and really lot more.

 Yea we cannot call it as best one as it lacks in many features as timeline, news within etc. but it is a good start. It released with such great feature so we can expect more of it in the upcoming updates.

This app is worth downloading check it out in link below:-


If you have some thoughts about it make sure to mention in comments below.



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