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Dear gamers, I know you must be so hungry for games after completing Modern combat 4 , 5 maybe twice and maybe passing your days with Counter Strike. If you are one of that kind, then this post is especially for you.

Presenting the one of the best FPS(First person shooter) of this month. Critical Ops (C-OPS)

Let’s have a look:-

Critical Ops is an amazing shooter game. This is truly kind of multiplayer one, sorry offline users. The game has great, real and smooth graphics and gives amazing experience while playing. The game doesn’t have the story line like MC (Modern combat) series, it can be more categorized as Counterstrike.

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This one makes it unique from other FPS games available. You can give you own personal touch to your favorite weapon.

The game contains nice series of weapon with little bit of customization such as predefined colors and texture which really looks cool.

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C-OPS provide missions on daily bases which on completing will reward money, to purchase things like gun skin or cases in the game.
amazing games

The game is still in development, at present it provides you with 4 maps which you can choose randomly or even can filter. You can filter multiplayer on base on different continent, maps and players.

amazing game

If you wanna play among your friends, cool then you can host the game choosing the player limit, rounds, map etc. The game has 2 mode, defuse and deathmatch.


Now the many game doesnot provide this customization and which lead to unequal performance from device to device. C-OPS provide customization in graphics to which you can change to high, low change various detailing etc. And moreover you can swap among 30 and 60 FPS ( i.e Frame per seconds).

It is very useful when you donnot have very strong device and still wanna play smooth or you have powerful device and wanna enjoy real , smooth gaming experience.

amazing games

All over this game is not that big as MC or donnot have that many maps like CounterStrike but it still gives you a great performace and gaming experience. According to our opinion you should seriously try it out.

Check out here:-


Let us know your favorite shooter, in the comment below, we will be posting next best FPS soon so stay tuned 😉



  1. I came to your Best FPS Game of the month and really like to apperciate this.. i played and it’s really awesome following you keep it up..


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