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Normally you would catch like 5-10 Pokemon per hour after a lot of you hard work and time, wonder if you can catch 50 Pokemon per hour ? Yea that’s possible. As we know the game went viral and it’s very normal that you will find in most of your friend’s phone. So you can find this post as a great way to overtake you friend and show off your efforts which you have not done. Imagine your name on the top of your nearest Pokemon gym, the great way to throw some hard impression on your friends.

This post is about catching Pokemon just sitting relax on your couch without roaming, wasting petrol or time and of course avoiding accidents.

So let’s get started :

For this, you need an app called Fly GPS which you can check out by the link at the bottom of this post.After downloading and installing this app, it will ask to enable the mock location.


Go to Settings > Developer mode > Select mock location app and select Fly GPS application.

pokemon go


Now turn on your location. Then open the Fly GPS. Select any location in the world using map.


After selection of your favorite place. It will pop an option to select a menu after you mark any location. Then you will face several options as shown below in images, select “GPS Service Run” in the first one then “Joystick Location Mode(Pokemon)” in the second one.

All done, now just open Pokemon GO you will be send to the place you marked on the map. You will notice you can now move character using the joystick. Just go around the map and catch Pokemon, visit poke shop , gym.

If you find yourself slow, you can increase the distance per step in setting very easily. If you go too fast you will probably get a warning like below. You can avoid it by choosing passenger option.


Notice : This will only work if you have “Android Marshmallow” on your device.

Check out Fly GPS from below:


You can share your experience with this in the comment below.




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