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What is BHIM app? How is it app different from other apps? How to use it? And How to set it up in few minutes?All answers available here: –    And BONUS TIPS and TRICKS about BHIM in end 😉

So this is all you need to know about BHIM app:-

On 30th December 2016, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi took a great step towards making our society cashless by launching a digital payment app called BHIM. BHIM is developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). It has hardly been a couple of day after launching this app when it made it’s placed on the top of Google Play Store charts.

What is BHIM app?

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is digital payment app based on UPI which is Universal Payment Interface which directly links to the bank account. This app was really needed to increase the involvement of people in this Cashless Society. Again the main reason was there were lots of app for the transaction and don’t have what they wanted. So this app was launched as it is simple, secure and easy to use.

And finally we have “The one official app for cashless transaction” – BHIM

Here is this the Screenshot of Narendra Modi’s tweet telling about the app:-

Bhim official

So here’s the proof now, right?

How is BHIM app different from other apps?

So what make this app unique? Do you used other payment apps like Paytm, MobiKwikFreecharge etc. for any payment directly you need to add money to your e-wallet from bank account then the transaction is done. Another thing for transferring, the other person must need to have that same app and it is again a problem because of the diversity of user’s choice. Some were available on one platform while other on others. So to solve all these issues they designed BHIM app.

BHIM app using UPI (Unified Payment Interface) which directly links to a bank account. So it is not necessary that other person should have this same app for transferring the money. So another advantage no need to first add money to an e-wallet, there is no e-wallet in BHIM it directly transfers money using from the bank. Another thing this it is a Government app so it is just for users, no personal benefit to govt. and it will be there for good.

How to use BHIM app and set-up within minutes?

 1) Download and Install the BHIM app from Play Store (link is there at the end).

2) Open and set you 4 digit PIN for BHIM app. (It will be your password every time you open your app ).

3) Enter the mobile number registered with your Bank account. (List of supported banks is in the app description in playstore).

4) Then select your primary account by which you will do all transactions.

5) Now it will ask your Card details to verify your account.

6) Then it will give option 6 digit UPI PIN or enter if you already have.       ( This pin will be used in every transaction ).

7) Now successfully linked up your account to the bank. One more thing setup UPI Permanent address.

8) The last thing to do, go in “Profile” option. You will see you already have a UPI address setup with your Mobile number and a space for a custom address.

9) Set up your own custom UPI Permanent Address. (It will be used for sending or receiving money ).

10) Great, you are now ready to send or receive money via BHIM.

In the “BANK ACCOUNT option, can check” you can change and reset UPcan check your account balance by option “REQUEST BALANCE“.

You can even change language like HINDI by choosing the “CHANGE LANGUAGE ” in settings.

How to use BHIM?

To send money:-

1) First select send and enter mobile or Permanent Address to a person you want to send.

2) Enter the amount you want to send and remarks (just to remind you about the transaction can write anything).

3) Enter your 6 Digit UPI pin and you are done.

how to use BHIM app

To receive money:-

1) Firstly select receive.

2) Like before enter the mobile number or Permanent Address of person you want to ask money.

3) Again same, Enter money how much money you want ( Note: You are still requesting money, not entering you wish amount 😀 😀  ) and the BIGGEST THING NOW in Remarks add “Why you want that money or Reason” ( 😀 )

4) Same like before 6-Digit pin and you successfully drafted the request to the person.

5) Now that person will get a notification and will have options to Accept or Decline you request. That person gets the choice to accept or deny the request.

BHIM also allow QR code so make transaction easy.


Finally, Here comes your the BONUS TIP. You set-up the app and there are chances you will have no one to send or receive money just after setting it up and you must be eagerly waiting to use that app and see it working.

So here’s a tip TRY SENDING AND RECEIVING MONEY TO YOUR OWN ACCOUNT to TEST IT. (Try with small amount).

Believe me, it’s so SATISFYING, just try it. 

Here something more you might be interested in: –

Now the app is providing Rs.10 to anyone you share too.

And it goes like this: – Download the BHIM app > Option > Share or refer to the friend > If he or she download if from your link you get 10Rs. Now just go and throw the link in you groups 😉

Here is some extra information: –

Minimum transferable amount at a time is 1 Rs ( Pretty sweet).

Maximum transferable amount at a time is 10,000 Rs.

Maximum transferable amount within 24 hours is 20,000 Rs.

Developers are working on linking Aadhaar identity in app. And Fingerprint options will be coming soon.

This app is only available in Android but will soon be available for other platforms.

Download BHIM app here: –


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