endless walking games

Familiar with endless running games, right ? tried endless walking ones ? if not, so here something new for you.In this type of game, you need to control object to walk or jump. This is so simple concept and it really fun when it comes to games.

The games below are the best chosen from android store available now.

So let’s get started:-

1) Steppy pants

This is the best one we chose in this category. Graphics are amazing you will love to play it. In this game you probably will be helping a crazy guy to walk, sounds crazy right? but it’s really fun. It’s simple just one finger casual game just hold and release as simple as that.

Each tap uses one of his alternatively, the longer the tap the longer step it will take. Try to land on one tile, shouldn’t be between two tiles, watch out the cars too.

Upgrades are available for this game you can change its outfit. The game is not boring like many available on playstore many fun factors are added to it.

Check it out below:


2) Daddy long legs

Now this is fun. The game is again nicely designed. At first it will take time how this game works and as a result, you gonna fall a lot.  Like others also this game contain various skin as well as character.

daddy long


By connecting to social accounts it will mark the best distance of people connected to it.

daddy long legs

You wanna know how talented you are by playing this game ? just hand this game to a newbie. 


Should definitely download it once , link is below:


3) I trousers

I trousers is  kind of programmable type. The main factor that makes it unique in play store is that unlike other game it need to design the step it takes. It contains feet angle, knee angle, force in each step and hip angle.

itrousers android

Yea maybe it sounds complicated but it’s not, instead it’s easy as the display shows the preview.


It’s great fun to tweak and see the crazy result. You have to face unique obstacles like lemons,ice,height etc.


Very fewer games are available of this type, give it a try.


4) Walking pet

These Pets on 2 legs? not easy to control, that’s what this game shows. This one has very simple control. Rules are simple, tap fast when pet lean forward and slower when it lean back to maintain balance and make it walk. Unlock all 13 pets including crocodile, lion etc.

Check this pet on playstore :


5)Daddy short legs

Daddy short legs is based on judgement. This character in this game is same as daddy long legs just having short legs LoL. So instead on able to walk you need to jump. When light is on you can see the objects and then lights get turned off you cannot see the objects and have to jump avoiding objects. After 5-6 jumps the power meter will hide and now you are all dependent upon your  real judgement. You can unlock the various character in it.

daddy short legs


Get it on playstore :


Let us know the which was your favorite one…or any other suggestions in comments below…


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