Hey, everyone, this is the list of top chosen open world games for android for which you been waiting so long. These types of games are very limited so after playing people always waiting for the next one.

The game mentioned here are hardly on Google top charts but they sure give you pretty good experience.

So let’s have look at open world games for android: –

1) Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassin’s creed is back again with it’s all new part called IDENTITY.  This time they made it RPG open world like you played on desktops almost similar to that and ranked on the top of category of open world games for android. The graphics are really awesome no doubt on that and a nice story. Again like the PC version you can do the most of the things in this game too.

assassins creed identity

Assassin’s creed is pretty enjoyable because of nice action moves, cool abilities, amazing graphics, and sound. You will enjoy running and jumping on roofs, stealth attacks, finding the person and capturing him the way you complete the mission it’s a nice experience. Identity game will run fine and smooth if it meets your device requirements.

Check out Assassin’s creed Identity here: –


2) Radiation Island

Did you ever play Minecraft? If yes then you probably would know more what I am talking about. Radiation island is similar to that but in a totally unique way. If you love Minecraft really gonna love this. The graphics are average but the game features made this to the top open world games for android category. This is based on survival hunt on big and wild animals to overcome hunger.

open world games for android Radiation island

In this game, you have your island and can build things like houses, tower moreover you can even make a glider to take a sky ride. Radiation island has a lot more to discover andd make. Explore different elements and make new things. At night you need to fight to ghost, different types of monster or zombies.

This one is amazing try it out: –


3) Mission berlin

This is again a one of the best open world games for android available out on playstore. This has the old agent type of theme presenting the time on the cold war. You can play as the agent of CIA or KGB to stop the international criminal organization to start a new war it has an amazing story line.

open world games for anndroid mission berlin

Like the other open world, you can steal whatever car you want, spy and chase the villain, destroy their plan and escape from it. You can buy or find various weapons.


4)Mad out open city

This is great for the category of open world games for android. This game is open world game for cars and weapons. Unlike the previous one this one the cars has weapons. In Mad out the open city, you can choose skin of the character and customize cars. Like all open world

open world games for android

The game does not have graphics as per expectation but an average one and the game is still in development. Like all open world games in Mad out the open city, you can steal the cars from the road which is again fun.

Check out Madout open city here: –


5)Best quest

Best quest is the game by Miniclip developers. This game is about swords and fighting with dragons and monsters. It is the battle of a warrior with the magical beast made by an evil wizard

You can explore the land, find various item, discover secrets etc. You can find various items to upgrade your equipment. At the end of each level, there is the beast with a special ability which you need to fight. Best quest has various missions to complete and a story line.

This one the nice one do check it out on playstore: –



Crashland is craft and battle type of open world game for android. Find build your own place, and battle moreover you can even tame animals in this game just find and egg and incubate. If you like to play top-down platformer you will love this.

open world games for androidExplore and collect elements and make 500+ objects and weapons to upgrade and fight. You can say it’s similar to top-down Minecraft but with some different features.

Check out Crashland over here: –


7)Thrive island

We have finally, the thrive island, it is again a find, build and survive type like we saw before. Comparing to that it is of Radiation island type but not no monsters instead the animals like elephants etc. to fight from.

It is fun, graphics are average. You can make things explore, build house, boat etc. Find weapons and find animals.


Hence , they are not really famous but can give pretty enjoyable time in gaming.

Hope you get to know some of the new open world games for android, subscribe and Share among your friends 😉


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