High-resolution FPS,RPG games are good to play but when it come to sharing and scoring, beating scores these top challenging games take the flag. Right now these are types of games, that become viral easily. More effective when you play it among your friends and challenge scores.

So  here’s the thing don’t go on graphics just play it. They are really addictive and will become more if your play with your friends.

So let’s go through them quick :-

1) Jelly jump

Jelly jump is one android game in this category with amazing and real smooth graphics. While the game is just a tap to jump type but with graphics and some twist in level, it makes you play it again and again and again. There are other jellies to unlock for that you gonna fail a lot.

Best and unique thing about this game is there is a multiplayer mode which is hard to find on playstore.

In multiplayer mode, two players can play at the same time on the same screen which is a great fun.

This game is worth trying the link is just below :-


2) Stack

Stack has beautiful graphics and nice concept. Basically, you need to place stack up blocks as accurately you can. The misplaced part of the block is cut down. It is really fun to see how far you can go and how tall you create a stack. The stack looks more beautiful because of its gradient color scheme and pattern.

The thing the make it more exciting after you have enough coins will unlock a random block pattern. There a lot of it like money, pixel, marble and much more. With these patterns, you stack look even more attractive. You can share your stack with your friends and challenge them to beat yours and really fun to see others stack.

You can download it freely from playstore below:-


3) Six

Sounds simple, right? but the game is not that simple and by the screenshot, you cannot judge the difficulty of the game. In Six there is just a simple hexagon object which you have to take as down as possible without falling it down.

The game not like other many games provide levels and daily tasks to complete. It is again great game to challenge for.

Can check it out from here:-


4) Versus Run

This is again a challenging game with simple controls. The objective is to  run as far as you can from the object catching you. Can unlock various object with diamonds.

Download it from here:-


5) One more line

This is amazing one that you will try again and again. The concept is great as you have to as straight as possible. For changing, you need to rotate around circle and release. After the game is over it shows you path to share, you went through and it looks great.

Here’s your game:-


Hope you love this challenging game series and it may atleast help you to keep up until we return with our new series.

Make sure to share it with your friends if you wanna taste real fun of these games.

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