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Welcome back again, If you are thinking logical games are boring, it’s not like that in 2017. We have been requested by our subscriber to include best logical games. The logical games earlier were good for brains but really so boring and graphics were poor too. In this year these games are very popular and took the puzzle gaming to the whole next level.

There are so many popular games may be much better than listed below but we considered that you might have played the most of them so we came up with a totally new list of logical games for android. We will be mentioning those also in the upcoming post.

So here is your requested post of:-

Best logical games for android 2017

1) Where Shadow slumber

This is simply amazing but still developing and has very limited levels. Where shadow slumber has been nominated for few award for the great concept. The game subtitles as “It’s not always what you remember” and it’s completely true for this game.

best logical games

In ‘ Where shadow slumber ‘ you are the guy with a lamp and finding the way to exit. To make the way out you need to take the help the shadows.

In this game as the shadow pass over some area it changes it and changes back when it passes there in a reverse manner. You will love its sound, graphics, and levels. You can move the few highlighting objects too, which is fun. In further level there very various elements like a switch, moving stones etc. which keep you addicted with this game.

Check out Where Shadow Slumber here: –


2) Blek

Blek is very simple and nice concept and it is the one of the best among the best logical games. I personally played this game till very far. In this game, you draw some lines and it will keep on repeating in the same pattern. You need to draw it in such a way that repeating will touch all the points.

Believe me its some much fun watching your drawn pattern repeating, again and again, it feels like after drawing it came to life and is following your pattern.

best logical games

Blek is really fun as you play it the first time. In starting the levels are very easy and fun but as the levels increase the game become more and tougher and you need to find the cool tricky way yourself to touch all dots.

Do Check out BLEK over here: –



It’s awesome, minimal relaxing puzzle game this is again the one of the best among the best logical games. I really completed the whole game and it was so fun till the end. In HOOK everything is locked and hooked up with one another you need to find a way to unhook the whole thing.

best logical games

It has very simple and nice mechanism, totally loved it. This game will get more and tougher till the end but you gonna enjoy it equally. The game contains 50 levels with nice calm, sound effects. Like many of other puzzle game this game don’t tense you instead it will be fun.

DO Check out HOOK here: –


4) Light House

Firstly Light House has just amazing by its design and graphics. Every element in it is just so awesome and I really liked it. The objective is to give the electricity to every Lighthouse from the electricity storage.

best logical games

As you progress the levels, you will get various tools like portals, reflectors etc. This game is really fun and logical.

Light House is really addicting do try it at least once.

Do check out Light House from here: –


5) Square it

Square it is a simple, casual puzzle game. Control are just simple, just slide the square to fill all the area. This game got the great color and design combination which also help to relax and enjoy this logical game.

best logical games

There are seriously lots of levels in this game and game just gets harder and harder. Square it is pretty addicting, as you play more and more it trains your mind too. After completing each level you can share that artwork with your friends.

Do try Square It here: –


6) ROP

Rop is a nice game in which you need to copy the above design with straps provided below. You will only pass if your design matches with the above-drawn figure.

best logical games

In starting levels you will think this game as very simple one but after few levels, you will realize that you were wrong. Anyways this game is pretty entertaining with levels as well as graphics. Rop design is pretty funky which help you enjoy the game.

You can download Rop from here: –


7) Maze Dungeon

Maze dungeon is a maze game with some twist. In this game whole maze is dark and you are the luminous cube you need to find your way out in the dark maze.

best logical games

In maze dungeon you to enter the door you need to of the same color so need to take the element first to change your color. You have limited number of steps to complete the stage after that your luminosity will be vanish and you loose. Various powerups are also available like foot trace – which will leave your impression behind to help you to know from where you came. Then booster which will increase your speed etc.

Try out Maze Dungeon here: –



This was our first requested post, so how was the list of best logical games?

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