First of all its new year and time to see the recap and the big hits of 2016 which got millions of downloads and are just simply amazing. Some of these are totally different types that you never saw before.

So here is the list of:

Best android games of 2016 / 2017

Let’s have a look, if you tried any of these make sure to comment your experience with others moreover if you like this do share it with others:-

1) The TRAIL

The Trail is a whole new concept to the playstore which qualifies it to our list. Trail is the mixture of adventure and casual game. Furthermore, this android game got really good graphics which are worth trying.

The story goes well in this game as you are actually a traveler which has nothing in starting not ever proper footwear. By the journey need to collect things and with which you can earn money on auction, buy things make things out of it. It’s really fun to play especially in beginning.

And in the later part, you can have your own house, farm etc. You can even check out other players profile.

Check it out it’s fun:-


2) Space Marshall 2

Simple awesome literally completed the whole game. Space Marshall is Sci-fi West adventure game in outer space. It is a top-down shooter type game against the criminals of the galaxy. It is not like others just shooting or action it involves the strategy which makes this great.

best android games

After each stage, you also get weapons, shield, drones, some cool powerups based on your performance which make this game more tempting to play. While playing this game you will not get bored as it makes you more and more powerful after each stage and just tempt to achieve more plus it got a good story line.

best androdi games

Here’s is the brief description of things you get in Space Marshall 2:

Various primary and secondary guns like a Machine gun, Ray gun, a Crossbow – poisonous one too, Electric and much more. Various power-ups like invisibility, speed, health booster, max damage etc. Extras also like a grenade, noise maker, drone, turret etc. with all this variety make Space Marshall a unique type.

best android gaemsWaiting for Space Marshall 3.

Must try out this game is you like the top-down shooter :-


3) Plants vs Zombies Heroes

The Plants vs Zombies is back with the new version called Heroes. This time the developers “ELECTRONIC ARTS” made it as a card type which is great. Plants vs zombies had been one of the best casual games of all the times and got a huge amount of download and this part is pretty sweet in addition to that they improved graphics and introduced few great character.


The Biggest update in this Heroes is that they included the Real-time multiplayer in it which is amazing. And in this time you can choose your team among plants or zombies.

But this update brought disappointment to many too as they removed that hold and place and used cards instead in which you can just choose cards.

If you never played any of its parts here is the brief description. Firstly you are on the team of plants and have to protect your owner’s house from the zombies. Each plant and zombie have their unique specialty and powers.

This is the great game which you can easily pass your time with and just require one finger.

Do recommend Plants vs Zombies 2 if you haven’t played any of its parts.

TRY Plants vs zombies 2:


TRY Plants vs zombies Heroes:


4) Hill Climb Racing 2

No need to say anything much about this game everyone is familiar with its first part and many had even played this. First part Hill climb racing has crossed over 100 million downloads and this on crossed 10 million download too. So no doubt Hill climb racing 2 is an addicting game.

hill climb racing2best games 2017amazingdroid

The game is same with new graphics and design. You can now even change the looks of a driver like hats etc. another new major thing they included is multiplayer which you can see others play with you. Apart from these things Hill climb racing 2 is almost same.

Check out Hill climb racing over here:-


5) Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt is the one of most famous racing series of all the time. This time it is with a new Wild look. This one has far better graphics than all of its previous ones. Asphalt is with totally new cars and concept and include a lot of multiplayer challenges and contest.


There are various types of cars like the buggy, monster etc. with various class. winning a race will provide you some parts like nitrous, metal to upgrade those cars. Asphalt Xtreme also provide a daily reward. There is option to set the graphics details so the low-end phones can also enjoy it.

asphalt xtreme

It is apparently one of the best racing android game in the playstore. It had been time since the game launched, but if you haven’t tried it yet it is must recommend.

Check out Asphalt Xtreme here:


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Hope you like these if you haven’t tried any of these try out they are awesome 😉




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