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So, you lost your phone? No problem just give it a call and you can find it easily. Then the things turn scary when you hear no sound from your phone and you realize that your phone is in SILENT mode!!!!!

There are actually several ways to find your phone in silent mode but here we will take a look at the most common way. There is one condition for it to work and that is your phone should be connected to the internet or via cellular data or wifi connection.

So let’s have a look on how to find your phone on various platforms:-

For Android users:-

Here’s the procedure how to find your Android phone –

  • First of all, Go to the -> Android device manager or just search in google as “Find my phone”.
  • Then login to your Gmail account.
  • Now Android device manager will open providing you option to “RING”,”LOCK” and “ERASE” with the location where your phone is on google map.

find your lost phone

  • Now choose RING, even your phone is in the Silent mode it will ring with full volume. Other option “Lock” will lock screen lock your device and “Erase” will format your phone.

For iPhone user :-

This one has the same procedure but instead of Android Device Manager , the iCLOUD is available. 

So here’s the procedure how to find your iPhone –

  • Firstly go to the iCloud
  • Then sign in your account.
  • Go to the “All device” in that select your iPhone
  • Now like before you have 3 options in front of you, Choose the play sound to make it ring.

For Windows phone :-

Same like Android and iOS the windows also provide full track-down features for your phone. The procedure is again the same just with a small difference like a website, ID.

So here’s the procedure how to find your Windows phone –

  • Go to the
  • In MyPhone Dropdown menu you will find Sign in option.
  • Sign in using your Windows live ID.
  • Then to “My phone” and select find my phone.
  • You will have those options select the ring option and it will ring.

For Blackberry phones :-

The way to do this for Blackberry phones is little different than others. 

Here’s is procedure to how to ring blackberry phones –

  • To find your phone, you need to download a free application for blackberry store called Blackberry Protect.
  • Then if your phone gets lost then visit Blackberry Protect Portal.
  • Signing in with ID it will provide you those again 3 options as all three before.
  • Select the Ring option to ring your phone at full volume.

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