Happy weekends everyone here is some best ways how you can enable Ambient display on any Android phone if you still have that ambient display there is WEEKEND BONUS for you 😉

If you have an Ambient display turned on, you already knew it’s one of the best ways to deliver the notification. And in addition to that, it gives quite Premium looks to your phone.

So let’s see how you can customize your phone by the enabling Ambient display.

Firstly you can just turn it one if the feature is already available on your Android

1) If you have a device like Motorola, One plus etc. this feature is already available.

2) Go to the Settings > Display.

3) There you can see the Ambient Display, turn it on if it is off.

ambient display

You can see the changes from the next moment you turn off the screen. For this method, you must be having at least Android jellybean or above hopefully you have that.

If you are not having this type of phone, chill we have a solution for you too.

So let’s check out how you can get your notifications in much better way.

How to enable Ambient display on any Android?

1) Download and install the app called Ac display.

2) Then it will ask permission like device manager and access to your notifications grant it.

3) Now just open Ac display and turn it on. If you want to see how cool your phone look just screen lock and check it out.

Here some Sunday bonus for you 😉
You can do a lot of cool things with it like, blacklisting notification, sorting notification from recent, you can set you silence time etc.


BlackListing Notification: –  What it does is, blacklist the notification of the apps you do not want to see on your Ambient display. This take cleans up your screen and you track the specific apps feed you want.

To do so Ac Display > Settings(Top right corner) > Choose the apps you are not interested in getting notifications.

Active mode: – This mode is again nice one, in this mode, it will turn on your ambient display whenever you move your phone. It uses your sensor to do so.

For turning on Active mode, Ac Display > Settings(Top right corner) > Active mode

Inactive hours: – There are the times when you do not want your phone or notifications to disturb you, it can be possible by this feature. You can set the timing and no notification on ambient display will be appearing.

To set up Inactive hours, Ac Display > Settings(Top right corner) > Inactive hours

ac display on any android

Customization: – Yea you guessed it right you can even customize your notifications by setting up different scaling icon, setting you wallpaper etc. which is a pretty good feature.

For Customization, Ac Display > Settings(Top right corner) > Interface.

Extra features: – There are some extra features too that will help to adjust it more to your needs like, Only while charging, Double-tap to sleep, sleep after x seconds, Media Widget which will allow you to play music from the notification screen, etc.

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Check out the AC display from playstore here: –


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