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Brand New Breaking News the N.O.V.A’s latest version is out called N.O.V.A Legacy and surprisingly it’s 20 MB, which was expected nearly around 1-2 Gb, but not available in all country now, Don’t worry we have that solution for you.

If you don’t know the N.O.V.A let me tell you that it’s impressive sci-fi FPS game which can be freely downloaded from playstore. The N.O.V.A 3 also supported the multiplayer mode which believe me, really adds up hours of Gameplay.

Nova Legacy

Nova legacy got the nice story line of the Kal wardin set for the mission to protect humanity against the outer forces. The game has nice graphics in that same size.
Nova legacy
The size of NOVA 3 was roughly around 1.5 Gb and this new version was expected around the same range too. But the Gameloft team has really done a lot of efforts and made this amazingly in 20 MB. 

Still, in that size the graphics of the game are amazing. It’s just like download 20Mb and the game is ready to play.

The game has various and cool intergalactic weapons which can be crafted and upgraded too. Along with the guns, the character can be customized too.

Nova legacy weapons

Along with the story mode, there are various other modes too like Shadow-event in which you have to need to defeat them in limited time.

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Another is Special Ops where you perform strategic strike on the unique alien formation.

Nova legacy gameplay

Multiplayer mode is just amazing, this time they include 6 players in the deathmatch. They also included the 3rd person death replay which is again a nice one.

All over the game is fantastic, I mean what better you can get in 20 MB, FPS game like Nova legacy.


Download the direct Nova legacy APK file from here: –


Check out the N.O.V.A Legacy from playstore here: –


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