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Let’s give your Android a great look with this simple trick. This rounded corners give your phone an amazing look, have a look.

Rounded corners give your phone a premium look with that gorilla glass coating on your phone. Rounded corner kinda matches with your phone design with again gives your phone nice look.

This Customize post contains two simple apps and their settings with which you will be able to achieve that look very easily.

So let’s get started with this post: –

Customize Android with Rounded Corner

1) Corner-fly

Corner-fly is the latest one in the market with all material style features. The Corner-fly free version comes with some limitation and the paid version gives you the full access to the app.


Corner fly is just a very simple-to-use app. Just install and turn it on, it will apply to your screen automatically. You can turn it off for particular apps in which you don’t like to have rounded screen. There is an option to turn on or off each corner you want to round your screen from top-left, top-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right.

You can also disable the notification of Corner-fly so it will be running in the background without foreground notification.You can only set rounded radius till 12 in the free version to access full round there is a paid version for it.

Here is the download link of Corner-fly: –


2) Roundr

Roundr is since a long time before on play store. It has a lot more functionality. In Roundr you have full access to rounded corners you even set it maximum if you want. You can turn off the notification from Roundr by unchecking “Show notification”.

In Roundr you can set the rounded corner of application or of the whole screen too.

By default, rounded corners are set to applications only but if you want to set it for the whole screen, then follow the steps.

1) Go to Corner design and set the transparency to 255.

2) Scroll down to the “Overlap status bar” and check that.

Now any Corner Radius you apply between 2 to 80 it will apply on the whole screen, giving your screen a nice look.


Like earlier one this one also has paid version but instead of full rounded corners, their is a various style to unlock. Roundr has various options like Enable on lockscreen, Enable on home screen, you can blacklist app in this one too.

Check out Roundr here: –


Hope this would get your Droid some better looks B)


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