Amazingdroid customize #1

Welcome to our new section – “CUSTOMIZE” where we will make your Android Amazing and give it a premium and stylish look with minimum efforts. Promise !!!

So this is our first post in this section and wanted to start from the thing used most frequently by all of us: MUSIC. Now, everyone loves music while doing almost any work like normal work or while using your phone Right?.

This Customization post will help to give you a totally new experience when you are using your phone.  How? -> By changing your navigation bar.

Let me tell you some fact: –

Earlier to do these kinds of things, you need to unlock your phone or need to root etc. which most of us not want to do. And doing that has many risks too so it was difficult to apply customization like that. So most of us didn’t do it.

But now it has become possible, we will include the all other customization in the future post which will not require any such things like that and minimum effort. And these can be easily achieved with some apps and some tricks.

The main reason for including this section “Customize” was, because without this your android is incomplete and will not stand out.

Have a look at the whole post before downloading.

MUVIZ – Nav Bar Audio Visualizer

So, this app allows you to change your Navigation bar to an Audio Visualizer.

What is your Navigation bar?

Do you have software keys on your phone?. Software keys mean keys Back, home, and recent button at bottom of home screen. Those are navigation buttons. So this app changes them into the nice audio visualizer as you play the music.

As most phones don’t have software keys and some of have both software and hardware you can switch among those whatever you like.

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Earlier it was not possible to do but now it supports both phones wheater you have softkeys or not.

If you have softkey you can decide wheater to show it, on or above the software keys. Showing above will display it muviz’s audio visualization on the software keys. Choosing under will overlap your current software key if you have.

Installing MUVIZ

After downloading and running it will ask some permission, allow it.

Then it will as to place audio visualization above or below the hardware keys. If you have no on-screen button, do choose above. It will give you hint as (recommended) select that.

There is a position adjusting bar with which you can set the how much above or below it should be. If you have no idea about it just leave as it is.

Creating themes in MUVIZ

After installing MUVIZ, you will see the list of theme available or shared by people. Select any one of those you like and if don not then just keep scrolling. There are lots of themes available. If you like the theme you can add it to your favorites and can use from there anytime you want. It can be connected to your google account too. To apply theme just select it and choose GO LIVE.

muviz nav bar audio visualizer

If you do not like any of theme, you can create your own one. It provides you different shapes of Audio Visualization needed. You can choose the color, spread, height, transparency etc. It is very customizable.

You can even add layers to it and edit each one with different, different styles. This makes it more awesome. You can add up to 3 layers. After creating your own you can use it too or you can share if you like too. Your theme will be available in YOURS > Creations. Once your theme is created you can edit is later whenever you want.

In feed theme area while searching you can apply filters too, which was their latest update. You can apply filter about the shape of visualization you want or can apply sort according to the newest. You can edit the themes available in feed too.


After theme, you are ready to use it. Select the theme and select GO LIVE and it is activated. Now in the notification, you can see it’s notification saying ‘Muviz is active’. Now go in your songs or youtube you will see the beautiful audio visualization at the bottom of the screen.


You will see it too when you play any short video or which watching anything online. So to remove that go in the MUVIZ app > Settings > Turn off Random Viz. 

There are options like ‘Hide over the lockscreen’ then ‘Hide over Full-screen apps’ which is really useful when you enjoying the movie in full screen or playing games.

MUVIZ really give your phone a premium look, and if you like music sure you will like it.


Try out Muviz from here: –


Do comment your experience. Meet you next time 😉



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