Customize status bar on android no root

Nice to see you after a while, today we are here new customization which can fully change or customize status bar on Android without or no root which was really a big problem before.

Many of us don’t like the stock status bar or maybe for some reasons like your phone has stopped updating. And you want Android Marshmallow status bar, android Nougat status bar style or lollipop status bar. Many even want a transparent status bar. These things were not possible without root, even if possible it didn’t give that much customization as changing android status bar color etc.

In short, it was not easy to change the android status bar but now it is. So let’s have a look how to change it without root: –

Customize Status bar on Android (No root)

There are few apps out there who can do this, but we selected, what we found best.

1) Status bar

Status bar app allows you to customize and change each and every elements and style in your status bar.

You can literally change bar from color to color or even make your status bar transparent. Here is some style you might be interested in: –

transparent status

These you customize even more than this. There are icons available for each element like clock, notification, wifi, battery, silent, headphone etc. you can choose whatever you like best in addition to that the app allows you to change the element Icon Alignment, Horizontal padding, the scale of the icon on the status bar as mentioned style.

This is not limited to this you can also change the notification per particular app like there are 3 things you can do. You can change the primary color of the app notification, Hide status which will hide it for that particular app and disable notification.

If you are an Android developer or any geeky person, let me tell you can even the status bar, notification color or hide it by their activity. Means you can set the different color of status bar or hide the status bar for any particular activity from any particular app which is rare to find.

Check out the Status bar from playstore here: –


2) Material Status Bar Notific

The material status bar works again without root. It doesn’t have too much customization but still works well. It mainly focuses on people not having marshmallow or lollipop.

So if you are having Android 4.0 to 4.4 in your phone and want cool status bar this app is for you.

You can easily customize status bar color and even pick a color from a picture. It comes with the four theme Lollipop, Gradient, Dark Gradient, and Flat which is nice. You can manually pick the color of notification of each app.

Check out the Material Status Bar Notific from playstore here: –


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