convert whatsapp chats to text

Hey, welcome to a new WhatsApp trick to convert Whatsapp chats to txt format or text file which can be easily saved, read and even can be mailed.

You already know you can backup whole and every WhatsApp chats to your Google Drive as well as on phone but it will be having very big size.If you are added to more than one or two groups your backup size would probably be more than 600 Mb. But what if, if you want just one conversation to be backed up?

So to save that one important chat of your lovely friend you are wasting a lot of time and data.

It can be easily done as below: –

Here’s how to convert Whatsapp chats to txt format

1)  Firstly select the chat you want to convert from the option select menu from top-right corner.

2) Select More > Email chat.

3) Now it will ask to weather attach media or send without attaching media.

If you have long chat with that person or shared a lot of images, we recommend choosing ‘Without Media’. If you choose the ‘Attach media’ it will upload every media content like photos to mail which will take a time and also your data.

Note choosing ‘Without media’ will only contain pure text and mostly emoji and nothing else.

convert whatsapp chats to text

4) After selecting the option it will attach a text file in an email. If you want to send any other person you can by writing its email id but if you want it yourself just press the back button.

It will automatically be saved to draft.

5) Now login to your Gmail account or any other and check the Drafts. There you will find your file.

whatsapp chats to text

6) Now you can open file with any text viewing app, like any text reading app, your file manager (if supported) or any supported browser like Chrome etc.

7) Now your Text file ready.

This file will be all text and will show chats with time, then name and then message.

Actually there are many ways to do this, but we choose the most easiest and secure way.


So did you find this useful?



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