Hey subs, this is our new series in this category. One step towards making your phone look Amazing each week with this Android DIY series. Have a look what we got for you.

Android D.I.Y stands for Do it yourself. In this series, we will make your phone look like the screen shot shown below with just simple tricks and apps.


As you can see there is a Fancy Day and Time written on your home screen and they will keep updating according to real time in addition to that there your icons arranged in nice Pyramid manner with the menu button at the end of it so that it can be easily and quickly reached. 

This setting on your Android with the combination of this background (Link is below so just chill ) will make your phone look outstanding did you notice those icons? Those are changed too and gives you phone nice look.

So let’s make your Android AMAZING:-

1) First of all, you will need to download Few apps like Zooper widget, Trident, Phix and Nova launcher.

Nova launcher is available here: –              


2) Firstly, clear your home screen.

3) Now go in the Nova setting > Dock and disable it by a toggle switch on the top-right corner.

4) Now add the all the important or frequent icons in Pyramid manner, now to add Home button at the end.

Hold the black space on the Home screen > Widget > Nova Action and hold and drag it to your end position of Pyramid at Home screen.

Then a window will pop up asking to choose an action then select App drawer.

5) Now for Day, time widget, Hold the screen and select Widget > Zopper Widget, Select one with 4×2.

Zooper Widget is available here: –  


Zooper Widget pro is available here: –              


6) Selecting blank space, select the top folder icon and select Trident for Zooper and choose any your favorite clock you want or just select what we showed you.

Trident for Zooper widget is available here: –              


7) Now if you want a just simple clock, you can just go in Widget OnTap Action and select Disabled(Locked) so it will not do anything if even by mistake your touch it or else you can select any app from the list if you want to open any app by touching that widget.

8) Now it’s time to change the icons, Open the icon pack and simply apply to your lancher and you will see your boring icons replaced with some cool one.

Phix icon pack is available here: –              


9) Now download the wallpaper provided in the link and apply it.

The wallpaper is available here: –              


10) AWESOME !! You have done it. Now your phone is ready to rock.

Stuck anywhere? or Any customization suggestion? Let us know in the comments.



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