Capture 3d photos

Photos are cool to keep your memories but there’s a little problem what if you want to something extra from pics. Here’s the solution to make your photos look more realistic and add some cool 3D effect to it.

Android is kinda one of the best OS in the market. Earlier like iPhones, it was not possible to capture moving photos or give photos 3D effect like Live photos in iOS. But now it is possible to make the picture moving and capture more around the surroundings in the image with the help of an app called Phogy. It allows you to capture an object in 3D in photos. LIVE photos are always awesome as they, not only recall of that place but also that moment. So let’s see how to take the LIVE photos.

How to take moving photos?

What you need to do is download and install the app called Phogy( Link at the end of the post ) from the PlayStore.

Phogy app allows you to give the 3D effect by capturing the image while moving it. You will find instructions on how to take photos after launching Phogy and selecting Take photo option.

phogy moving photo

Aim the camera at an object then move it to the direction while capturing the image. Remember to move your phone orbitally around the object not straight as it will give you a better effect.

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After taking the photo you can tilt the phone to view it which is really Cool. Moreover, you can export that image as GIF, or video and those images can be shared easily on your socials

Great way to make your pic more memorable and give it a decent 3d look. 

Do test it out Phogy and make your photos LIVE: –


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