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So, having vacations huh, and running out of games? this list of best vacation games is the one stop solution for you. This all games mentioned is not necessarily the top ranking ones in the play store or any list but the ones we think the best for you to enjoy the vacation.

These all games have different concepts which will give to totally new flavor to taste. We personally picked and tried and believe me all are awesome. So without wasting your precious time let’s have a look at:

Best Vacation Games: –

1)Fz9: Timeshift – Legacy of War

Fz9 is probably one of the best first person shooter of 2017. It is the story of lost American soldier to eradicate a terrorist organization.

What’s new in Fz9: Timeshift?

The a has a nice concept of slowing down time. This game slows down time in a different way than other games. Like generally there is a power-up or ability of the player to slow down time for a while to you to focus and kill enemines. But in FZ9 it’s totally opposite, time flows normally when you walk or run and slows when you stay still or aim.

best vacation games

Game modes:

Story mode: It is the main storyline of the game which has really cool missions.
PvP mode: You compete with a real player online on a mission, who so ever wins first gets the reward.
Cycle Mission: It has set of missions by which you can earn money to upgrade items.
Trail: It is the huge money to score in front of the mechanical giant.
Weekly challenge: They comes up with something creative each week and give you big rewards.

What makes the game interesting?

best vacation games
Believe me !! Killing zombies in Slow-mo is really a lot of fun. In this game not only the soldier but there some dogs and zombies too hunting for you. Fz9 has pretty good amount of armory to provide like knife, single and dual pistol, machine guns, shotguns, RPGs, Grenade and two totally new thing lighting stick and jet pack.

The game is really interesting till very long as they keep introducing new weapons and upgrades.

Destroy in show motion here: –


2) Madout 2 open city online

GTA fans and open world game lovers over here. As you know there are very limited open world games for the mobile platform. So playing the old ones for like 1000 times its time for a new open world game – Madout 2 open city online.

Now, this is not what you expect coming directly out of GTA but it has his own flavor which makes it to out the list of best vacation games.

What’s new in Madout 2 open city online?

best vacation games

Recently Developers improved Game Physics so you can get more natural experience and they are saying that with the coming updates they will be soon launching the online version of this which I think will be really cool. But for now, you can explore whole map and places, complete missions.

What’s make the game interesting?

The game has 30 different cars to drive and over 60 various race events which seem to be a lot of fun. You can even customize the car, your avatar and give them a personal touch.

best vacation games

You will find lots of ramps, there is an island, mountain etc. Like most other open world game you can carry the weapon and can just take the theft the cars or hit the enemies etc.

The cool thing about this which makes the game amazing is cars have Guns and power-ups too even during the race.


Minimum 2gb RAM and if you are with Qualcomm series Minimum Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 if you want to see the real game performance.

If you have low specifications than this you can go in Setting > Graphics and can lower fps.

Just in case you are seeing the black screen while playing the game you can fix it by disabling color correction.

All over its really nice open world, Explore the islands here:


3) Crash of cars

The crash of cars is really addictive online player game which makes it perfect of our best vacation game series. One of advantage is that the game has both online and offline modes.

best vacation games

The concept is you have to collect as much crown as possible either you can collect it or you can destroy some other player and take his collected one.

The game has really cool powerups in cars like the laser, spikes, cannon, mine, teleport etc. to destroy other cars.

best vacation games

After the battle, if you have enough money or gems you can lucky draw cars from the draw machine. There are over 30+ cars to unlock. They are also categorized in various type such as common, rare, legendary etc.

Collect your crown here: –


4) Dungeon

Haha, Dungeon is again a nice concept and addictive again. What you need to do is recruit employees to make money in your gold business, the twist is all employees are monsters here.

best vacation games

Every Monstrous Employee has a special ability which can be added and upgraded. As the game goes on you also need to protect your Dungeon.

The allows you to challenge and battle your friends which are really fun. Compete in multiplayer to become Manager of the Week.

best vacation games

Unlock the various relics and various other vibrant and environments like Golden geese rooms, Rapunzel’s hair saloon etc.

All over it’s really very addictive and fun looking at graphics and animations they managed to give it a try.

Create your Monster company here: 


5) Dead venture

I literally completed this whole game in the vacation, I think by this you can judge. It is offroad action driver game in which you need to complete the missions by a different type of zombies.

There are various types of cars which can be upgraded along with weapons. There are the various maps to play to. By breaking the boxes you will get fuel and bullets and they will get less as you use them.

best vacation games

Missions are also nice, and it gets more and more creative as you move on in the game.At the end of each stage, there is a boss level where you need to defeat the boss and more on to the next level.

best vacation games

There are survival mode, story mode and a free road mode which unlocks when you complete the story mode. The game missions are nice like protect the convoy, grab these things, save a person from the whole crowd of zombies. There some tricks too, like turn on a car’s siren to distract them etc.

All over the game is designed really nice and has vibrant cartoon graphics which adds up extra fun to the game.

Clear out Zombies with cool weapons here:


6) Sailboat Championship

best vacation games

It is a Sailboat Racing game with really amazing and realistic graphics. This is kind of a casual game where you only have one handle to control your sailboat. It can be called as a sailing simulator.

best vacation games

The game also allows you to Upgrade your ship as well as yachtsman abilities. It is really a calm type racing without any hassle just sail and control your ship in the waves and current of the ocean.

Get the Sail Experience here: 


7) Shadowmatic

It is really an award-winning imagination stirring puzzle game. Graphics are really awesome, it is a wonder to see how they managed this game can be called as a piece of art.

best vacation games

In Shadowmatic you need to rotate any given abstract objects in the spotlight and have to find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows, relevant to surrounding environment.

best vacation games

This is really a relaxing game with amazing graphics. There are in total 100 levels with 12 unique environments and every room has it’s own designed music which truly gets’s you in the game.

Enjoy the Shadow Experience here: –


8) Bomb Hunters

It is again nice one as you being the bomb defuser and have to defuse the bomb before its blast.
The game is really simple with just one D-Pad on the right.

best vacation games

All you have to do is defuse the bomb and go to the next gate before it closes. Every new gate has some new unit added to increase the difficulties. Like talking of first few gates there are cars, sniper, barrel in water added to it.

best vacation games

It becomes more and more challenging as you cross gate but you can always simplify it by upgrading the abilites of the bomber.

Get Bomb Hunters here: –


9) Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome is a twin-stick top-down shooter with RPG elements. This game is very similar to Space Marshall series (Do check out) instead of tactics it focuses on shooting and destruction.

best vacation games

There are various Enhancements, abilities, install cyber metrics and lots of various weapons in the game. After completing level they provide you the weapons and enhancements depending upon how you played which is really cool. Like every other game, it has boss levels and it gives bigger rewards by offering assets.

best vacation games

All over the game theme and design is good, surely not for the people looking for a calm or cool action game, but for more the one who is inclined towards hardcore gaming.

Destroy the space monster here: –


10) Framed

Have you even read the comics in your childhood? Isn’t it be cool if you can create your story and watch that in action? It’s possible by Framed.

best vacation games

Framed is an award winning noir-puzzle game where you rea-arrange the panels of a comic book to create a story. It is just so effortless and casual game with the same amount of fun, all you need to do is just adjust with the panel with touch and see your story in action.

best vacation games

The game also focuses on great sound experience and really nice design and animations.

Create your Comic story here: 


Do tell how did you like our Best vacation games, love to hear from you in the comment sections below.

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