Hey there, vacations coming up pretty soon, right? So you gonna be shopping more in next few months than you done in a whole year, IDK exactly but it holds true for me. Would you be interested if someone said: “More you shop more you save“? If yes, this post is for you. Here is the list of best apps to save money while shopping and will help you to get some of the cool deals too, you can also say these as best deals apps too.

Here is the list of Best Apps to SAVE MONEY

The list has best money saving apps for android, which will include apps that round up purchases, smart shopping, the apps that will save money while shopping, on coupons, providing offers, some percent cash back on any purchases etc.

K, without taking much time let’s get started: –

1) DesiDime

This is one of the biggest options in this category as it has expanded in many different ways like Deals, Coupon, Forums, Price Comparision, Channels etc. It is really useful when it comes to buying, checking out its reviews, comparing it to other places to finally getting the best value of it by coupons, it is like the complete package and can be called one of the best app to save money.

Features of DesiDime: –

Deals: – It contains Deals and offers to go on all the big websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ola etc. at one place. It Shows up the what’s the deadline or when it started, how many people liked or disliked it and plus comments on that deal so that you can know that if that deals works for you.

Coupons: – Give the list of the coupon having the various condition and for various type of user. This one also shows how many people used it which will let you know for many people it worked.

Price Comparison:This will let you know the price of the same product on the various big website. Also, allows you to set the price alert feature to which will eventually send notification or mail to your registered email id in situations like price drops of the product.

Stores: – Then there is a store tab in the menu bar which will sort everything by brand in case you want to shop or browse product of a particular brand, that is possible here.

Category: – This is the most common feature you will find in most of the listed one this is nothing but the thing or product you wanna buy a gift, electronics, groceries, etc.

Forums: – This thing makes this unique as it has forum support where people discuss the various matter, product or issues, like you should buy this thing or not, your reviews on this product, how much did you save etc. Moreover, this has forum categorized so there is not a problem finding you thing you are looking for.

Channel: – Like any other meaning of channel you can subscribe to a person who is posting some kind of cool you deals you like, you can even see subscriber count, recommendations, his offers, brand this support more over his suggestion based on categories and in addition to that you can have a conversation with that person to which a is really great feature to have.

best apps to save money

What’s extra you have here: –

You can make your profiles and on based on the contribution you will be receiving Karma points and coins which will help you to gain followers and help out later. You can set out deals and price alert too.

Check out DesiDime here: –


2) CoupanDunia

Now let me tell you this one is really AWESOME. With the recent update, they launched makes this app cooler than ever.


Now, why would they give you cash back every time when you shopping by their button?

Every time you shop, it shows up as their referral and that product give them discount as the quantity is high and unlike others, the COUPONDUNIA provide SOME SHARE OF THEIR COMMISSION TO YOU in the form of cash back. SO ISN’T THAT GOOD ENOUGH? This can be called again one of the best money saving apps you got on playstore.

This is again a type of all-rounder app with the things really good managed.

At home section, you will get the best offers available from various categories. It is great with the description and comments support in addition to that there are a stats of how many people actually used it and for how much percent of the, it actually worked which is mentioned as success rate.

In Categories section you will find every deal and offer nicely categorized in various fields Recharge, Travel, Mobile, Beauty, Sports & Fitness etc. You can even save money on categories like Automobile, Web hosting & domain, and Miscellaneous which contain various services like the styling, medical, laundry, salon etc.

In categories too, it can be sorted or filter based on coupons or deals, sub-category, merchant which is cool isn’t it? especially when you are finding deals or coupon specific kind of product.

Last one tab has the top stores, so if you are not sure about what is trending in the market or is of which, you can save more on offer, then head on into this tab.

best apps to save money

You might find text mentioned in GREEN as CB (For ex. 7% or 200rs) they are not the offer of a brand like Flipkart, amazon they are the offer provided by COUPANDUNIA. Once you use or shop that offer you will get CB in your account which is one of the best ways to save money online while shopping.

Finally the best thing about this app. YOU GET 250Rs. referring this app to a friend and that friend gets too 50Rs. which is kinda cool.

Must check out COUPANDUNIA here:-


3) NearBuy

As the name suggest instead of providing various deals of online shopping, NearBuy provides the coupons and deals of your city and places around you.

best apps to save money

  • Eat out: – Contains the deal of Resturant.
  • Spa: – Has Spa deals and offer in your Area
  • Activities: – Have deals regarding some Activites areas in your city.
  • Movies: – Contains the theater discounts and coupons
  • Hotel: – Contains the deals of Staying in hotels.
  • Fitness: – Has Gym and Fitness areas deals.
  • Shopping: – Has local as well as online stores deals (Amazon, Flipkart, etc not included).
  • Health: –  Has Health related services like Dental services, Weight Loss services etc.
  • Home & Auto: – Have deals regarding car services like tuning, wash, repairing, styling etc.
  • Hobbies: – It contains the crash courses like Photography, Fast calculation, marketing etc.
This comes very handily when you want to know deals nearby you in your City. You can mark your favorite brand so get deals from them on regular basis. They have built-in customer support too.
Check out Nearby here: –


4) FKM (Free ka maal)

Free ka maal is again a fantastic app for saving money.

What is does is bring the offer, coupons and currently Sale going on the top famous shopping websites, So you no need to go the particular website and check again and again.

The next cool thing about this app is custom deal alerts. For example, you are interested in Android phones, so just head on to

Menu > Deal Alerts > Add Keyword (Plus sign) > Type and add Android phones

Now if any offers, discounts, sales related to Android phones going on you will be notified. This is far better than getting notified each and every time about the items you are not interested in. This will only pop up the notification of your keywords you entered which will eventually help you grab and check every offer and you would not be missing any chance to save money on buying.

best apps to save money

The various features of the menu are listed below:-

Categories: – Deals sorted in various categories like computer, food & drink etc. with the number of deals present and the number of people following it.

Stores: – Like the one before the list of stores, with their deals and number of followers.

Trending: – I like this especially, as it shows top trending deal, what’s new and people bought the most with the tabs of today, 7days and 30 days. You can check out the trending of this 3-time duration.

My account: – In this, there are your saved up or followed deals you set. You can also access My deals tab by swiping left on the main screen.

Support: – Don’t go by the name, there is much more to it.

Support > FAQ > Discussions (On the top)

Here you can find very popular faq’s and discussion help by users like what product should I buy, what the best among etc.

Check out FreekaMall here: –


5) Grabon

Grabon is again one of the coolest money saving app and it has some unique features too makes it stand out, from other apps. K, Let’s talk about it’s highlighting feature, Cab finder.

So if you are the daily traveler or passenger or Cab services like OLA or Uber this app will come handy almost daily and will give you the benefit of few bucks daily.

best apps to save money

First of all, Cab Finder feature compare the prices of various cabs on OLA and Uber from your current location to your destination. You can find what’s suits you best and eventually save money daily. In addition to that it provides you the coupon available with that ride too so with that I think it’s a great package.

It also gives an option to add cab finder to your home screen which will provide you the quick way to access it without opening the whole app again.

Save money by Grabon here: –


6) Simply app

Simply app is the very new app to the market which actually focuses on bringing everything together at one place. Once you open the app it feels like every category at one place, once you figure out yours next it will be pretty simple.

One thing I liked about this app is, it’s categories are very specific. It’s like all in one app.

For example, if I want to buy a camera, just go on camera and accessories and then you will see it’s whole classifications like Digital cameras, DSLR, Camera lenses, Camcorder select any one and it will show you the best deals available for it.

best apps to save money

The list can also be sorted by Lowest, Highest price, Popularity and Discounts. Moreover, you can use advanced filters like Search, exclude, Brand, Source and Price range.

Believe me, it’s categories expand are way more than that you thought, it has discounts and coupons from travels, electronics, lifestyle and fashion, book, stationery and even pet supplies.

All over its nice sum-up of each and every services available out there and will get you some straight saving by comparing directly with all other brands. This app is still in the early developing stage but worth checking it out.

Check out Simply app here: –


7) Ebates

Now after all this why you even want to listen to this app? Don’t you want cash back on products you shop? 😉

Ebates app also provides you a unique feature which I think you will not find in above listings. 

The unique feature of Ebates is if QR scanner search. As you open the app you can see the QR code scanner on the top, while shopping use it know if you can save money on the product by cash back.

best apps to save money

It’s similar to the app mentioned above app called Coupondunia. This app will again help you to save your money in unique way as cashback. To get cash back process is very simple. 

  1. Just open the app.
  2. Select a brand or search a brand.
  3. On selecting it will show you the percent cash back you will get like 3.0% in the following categories.
  4. Select shop and you will be redirected to the website.
  5. Buy the product and get CashBack on Ebates Wallet.

Wonder why they would give cashback?

It’s simple, shopping with their referral gives them commission by the brand stores and they split up the commission with us as the form of cashback.

Talking about tabs: –

  • Hot Deals: – Will give you the list of popular deals on available on Ebates.
  • In-store: – It gives you cash back instantly in that store when you shop in these listed stores.
  • 2x Cashback: – This is kinda limited offers in every store listed here. Cash back is doubled for a certain amount of time for some product or shops which are really hottest deals to grab.
  • Favorites: – It will have your saved or favorite marked deals in it. To mark any deals as favorite just select the deals and tap the heart button on the top right corner.

You can again shop by stores or by categories in the menu section. Let me tell you one thing cool about it gives you cool referral money too.

Must Check out EBates here:-


8) Slickdeals

As the name suggest the slick deals focuses on Deals and coupons. The app by default shows up with the top deals and that can be categorized by the category tab in the corner. The category pretty much has a decent listing of the category that you will need like, bags, camera, children, computer, education etc.

best apps to save money

The coupon tab list out the all big brand in whose coupons are available it has a lot of variety in it from amazon to Disney, dominos etc.

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Here comes the best part, it’s forum and deals alert. Forums thread can be sorted on newest thread, newest comment and by the deal score. In deals alert, you can select categories and it will notify you whenever any deal comes in that category. Every notification is saved here, so if you missed it you can check out here.

Check out Slickdeals here: –


9) Little

This Little app has amazing interface and design that you would love to use it. Though this app is limited to offers in your nearby areas, but it is still very powerful and will grab you some strong deals to save your few bucks.

There is again few cool feature in it like a little community which will connect to facebook and show you the post and pics regarding the people or your friends who went by there.

best apps to save money

Moreover, if you find anything interesting you can gift to someone special which i really like the concept.

Little has 4 categories as: –

  • Hot deals: – Contains best deals in the city.
  • Food and drinks: – Best deals on restaurants or fast food places.
  • Spas & salons: – As it says contains best deals in spas and salons.
  • Things to do: – Which contain the discounts on Activity or Waterparks etc.

You can also filter offer based on nearby area or location, moreover, it can be sorted on basis of price, discount, rating and distance. I personally like the sorting based on distance, it will show you the deal nearest to you at first.

Check out the Little here: –


10) Ibotta

K, so one of the best at the last. Ibotta comes with just one condition, is it available in your country? If you have this in your country you are pretty lucky.

best apps to save money

It’s, just snaps and get money in your wallet. It is available for all bigger stores as Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Publix, Kroger etc. All you need to do is these steps:-

  1. Download the app by link below.
  2. Unlock Rebates – Before you go unlock cash rewards on the products.
  3. Shopping – Buy the products you have unlocked on the stores listed in the app.
  4. Verify – Verify your purchase by actually scanning the barcode of your receipt.
  5. CashBack– You will receive cash back in items in 48 hours.

You can even cash back on stores like Amazon, Apple, Adidas, Starbucks etc. in the form of cash or gift cards.

Check out Ibotta here: –


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Hope that you gonna be saving more that everyone else by these money saving apps.

SMASH that RED BELL ICON in the corner of the screen, so that you won’t miss more feeds like this. Till then Stay Amazing 😉


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