Experiencing the 100% of a song is incomplete until you know it’s complete lyrics ( especially the rap ones ). So how about doing a google search on lyrics of the song, oh you got it! now bookmark it or copy it somewhere in your notes and repeat this stuff over and over again for your all songs, is this what you do?? if yes, you really gonna need this. This is not how things work nowadays. We have an amazing app for you 😉

Have a look on the Musixmatch

Now if you already knew about its all features including displaying lyrics transparently at home screen, languages etc. you can just skip this post (you know, save some of your time). If not or wanna know it some other new features then just scroll down ;)

Let’s have a tour of this amazing app :-

This app displays the lyrics of the song you hearing. It doesn’t only apply to your playlist on your device but also at youtube, google play music etc. If you want lyrics on screen even you, not in the app you can enable the floating lyrics option but by default, it’s on. You can turn it off anytime. If you already knew or not want it you can easily turn on or off from your notification area.

First while installing it will ask for access, you can easily allow it as below.

If you have Android TV, it provides you to pair with that which is great functionality. Moreover, it helps you to identify the lyrics of the song playing by listening to it.

There are two modes like in the first one is just normal as it shows all the lyrics and highlights the current line or the second one as it just displays the current lyrics which again give the clean looks.

The thing which makes this app uniques is transparent background lyrics.

You can fade away the FloatingLyris and keep just lyrics visible which really looks cool and clean. Musixmatch gives few other customizations also like Smart minimize. Remember state, make lyrics card and share it with your friends etc.

Now the new versions of this also support lyrics of different languages which is really an amazing feature. It’s still under development but you can still convert some songs to your language.

Definitely, check it out:-


So if you are kind of person who wants or read lyrics every time, so we recommend this app in your phone.





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