Welcome to Best android games for this month. This time we prepared the post for some totally new games for you which will help you to get to pass this month easily.

The post contains some new games with nice, fantastic graphics, new concepts which are really fun to try out. So, let’s get started with: –

Best Android Games for this Month

1) Sailboat Championship

Firstly, The Sailboat Championship is the amazing game with great and realistic graphics and this game got great sound effects to give nice experience. Sailboat Championship actually is a sailboat racing championship. What makes this game awesome is the unique tracks and map. The map of this game is really fun to play.

best android games of the month

The map of this game is really fun to play. The design of this game makes it’s interactive. You can upgrade the sailboat and yachtsman abilities further in the game. The game is paid version in play store.

Check out Sailboat Championship on Playstore: –


2) The path of Luma

The path of Luma is outstanding puzzle game like something you never saw or played before. Really you will love the experience the games gives you. All levels have globe-shaped you need to solve the problem and make it bright and good again.

best android games of the month

So,  The path of Luma is a story of a guy called Sam with a solar stick in his hand and sent to the different planet to save it, so with the help of few things like battery, solar stick, wind energy etc. you need to light up the planet.

The animations and graphics are just so awesome in this game which sure you will like to play.

Do Check out a The path of Luma here: –


3) CounterSpy

Counterspy is that game launched soon. In this game, you are a spy and working for an agency called C.O.U.N.T.E.R. Your mission to save the world by to two superpowers planning the nuclear attack. Counterspy got some really cool combination of artwork and soundtrack. You have various options of control.

best android games of the month

The game contains the swipe and joystick controls. There is not much story to the game but it gives the nice experience.

Check out CounterSpy here: –


4) GunGun Online

If you are the one waiting for a new multiplayer game, then this one is especially for you. GunGun is a turn-based multiplayer strategy shooter and it’s really fun among friends. You can create your own room, challenge people online, challenge on facebook etc.

best android games of the month

There are 10+ mobiles and each with unique skills. In Gungun, everyone gets the chance to hit, one by one and you need to get perfect angle and power to hit the other opponent. You have your special powers and vehicle or mobiles. There are various attacks for you to choose.  The game has 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 modes for competing with other friends.

Check out Gungun Online here: –


5) Warp Shift

Warp Shift is an addictive puzzle game. This one has one of the unique concepts. In this game, you need to shift the cube or compartment for the girl PI to reach the wormhole. Spend minimum moves swapping compartments to complete the level with higher stars.

best android games of the month

The game is really fun and also has nice animations. The game contains 5 worlds with 15 beautiful levels in each. You can reach your destination via taps or swipes. Swiping the box it will shift it, every box has one or more than one opening by swiping you need to match that to open the way for PI to go through it. The good thing is the game has no time limits so you can play relax.

Check out Warp Shift here: –


6) Landing Confirmed

Landing Confirmed is the 2D style game. You need to cross the various obstacles to land at the different place. Simple controls touch left and right side to control the rocket.The game goes through amazing levels.

best android games of the month

You will like the game once you start playing it, there are various challenging levels that will make you try again and again. There are various types of pattern and obstacles from which you need to avoid the collision. After avoiding all that you need to land on a platform. All over the game is nice and fun.

Check out Landing Confirmed here: –


7) Cobe the gallery

Cobe the gallery very relaxing game and with a totally different concept. All you need to do is a swipe. The objective of the game is to turn all the tiles to the same color, by swiping the tile which will change the color of swiped tile.

best android games of the month

It is a really addicting puzzle game with no time limit. Cobe the gallery got some great graphics and cool animations. If you are searching for cool, calm nice puzzle game do check it out.

Try out Cobe the gallery here:-


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