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Hey, we are back with some cool list of unique apps that will definitely make your work easier and yea make your ANDROID AMAZING. This time we have a great way to save up some space, data, a unique folder app etc

Let’s take a look at Best apps of this month: –


Most of us are on various social platforms and various group chats apps like Whatsapp etc. and do a huge exchange of photos in our day to day life.

Maybe it’s some birthday party, everyone clicks cool pics and exchange them afterward. So there is a more chance that you get repeated or same photos. Like you took from a friend all 50 pics and another friend 200 pics who already have those 50 pics from that earlier friend.

That a lot of waste of space and especially the time when you manually delete one by one.

That was just one example if you using an app like Whatsapp and joined in groups, so in event or festival, there are some same pics forwarded to all groups. And when you see gallery there will be a lot of same jokes, same wishing images, etc. So again they make look your gallery with lots of repetition.

Remove duplicate

Remo can solve those above problems very easily. With just one click it scans your entire memory to search for exacts the same image and even shows you the result. You can select what to remove one by one or can just select all and delete all from selection option on the top right corner.

Download REMO from here:-


2) Prisma Beta

Again Prisma is back with its beta version. Did you remember? when Prisma came out it was so popular, as well as it is now but because of that applying effects would take a lot of processing time. Prisma works fine now too but still not that fast, that’s why they launched Prisma beta.


This app really takes a very short amount loading for applying any effects to your pic. You can set the density of effect and even can directly share from the app to various social platforms. Moreover, they have their feed too so you can share there too.

Check out Prisma beta here:-


3) Opera Max

Opera Max is not a new app but when it comes to saving data it’s one of the best available in the play store. It gives you very nice stats of how much you saved. It also shows which app took how much data and much more.

Opera max

Opera Max is a privacy mode which will allow you to be protected from the public places like airport, station etc. It also warns you about the suspected app which may be harmful.

Check out Opera Max here:-


4) Learn how to draw

This app is really one of the best apps you can find in play store if you are interested in sketching or drawing. The illustration in this app is itself given by Will Sliney who is an award winning and best selling comics artist and writer. Will is the best known from Fearless Defenders Marvels Spider-Man 2099 and most famous Star wars.

Learn how to draw

The illustration is given from his book which is really deep, neat and steps by step. By DRAW you can learn various things like Drawing face, body in various position, body parts in various position, etc.

Check out Learn how to draw here: –


5) CAF (Contextual App Folder)

CAF (Contextual app folder) is a smart folder app which operates on some specific event.

What is a smart folder?

You must have seen many folders which organize the content automatically knowing whether it’s an app or game etc. This is little different and smart from all those.

CAF allows you to set or display the apps in a folder for some specific event.


For example,

If you inserting the headphone in the phone there are more chances that you want to listen to some music, right? So this app will replace your apps with music apps or your selected app.

There are various triggers like Headphones, Geo Location, Wi-fi, Time, Charging etc.

Download CAF from here: –


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