Hey, subs, here we have the list of the best android app of the month, by the way, do you own a Bluetooth handset? Then Dont miss this post. This post will help you to do things that, you thought was difficult and help you solve certain daily life problems.

This post will help you to solve certain problems:-

  1. Copy and pasting same text, again and again, that can be done very easily.
  2. To check the battery of Bluetooth handset
  3. Customize status bar
  4. Save current wallpaper
  5. Postpone notification
  6. Improve your neck position while using your phone
  7. Finally, Solve your problem of “Open once” and “Always”.

So, let’s get started with Best apps of the month.

1) Texpand

Texpand will really make your life simple if your use repeated text over and over again. The app allows you to create an shortcut of the text or phrase which you use over and over again. Next time when you came across that text or phrase you can easily write the shortcut added by Texpand and the phrase will be written.

best app for the month

To use the Texpand app, after installing you first need to give the accessibility by selecting Give permission > Texpand > Yes.

Adding words in Texpand

After opening app select add phase, You can add static as well as dynamic phase. Static like your Email id, Address. Enter the shortcode you want to call then add the phase and select save. There are two other options too, expand immediately and in words.

You can also set dynamic things like date. Type date, Then select the format you want or anything in between you want to add, once done then save it.

Using the Texpand app

As you, as you open keyboard or start typing your shortcode you saved, it will display the circle icon from which you can select your shortcode. If you selected your shortcode to expand immediately it will as soon as you type it, no need of selecting. If you type anything near to shortcode it will provide you suggestions regarding it.

All over it’s nice app and very useful in day-to-day life, try Texpand below: –


2) BatOn

Really had no idea if this was even possible before. BatOn is the fantastic app which allows you to see the battery levels of any bluetooth connected device, amazing right?

best app for the month

Now tell me really in the comments that how many of you had a bluetooth handsets or any bluetooth devices?

They are good in as soon as charged by like using it for some time really wanted to know that how long it can go more or it need to be charged again. This app solved this problem for forever.

Do try this app if you have any Bluetooth devices or headphone:-


3) Status

Do you wish that you can change your status bar design easily? Now it is possible with the app called Status. Yes, it was possible before too but It always wanted that root access but now with Status, you can easily change your Status bar.

best app for the month

To use Status, you first need to give accessibility permission, then notification access by turning on the toggle button. Then it requires the additional permission like to access phone, location and read files etc. Then finally the draw overlays, once granted then just enable the Status bar.

You can totally customize your status bar with this. The detailed post about this will be coming soon.

Try out Status app here:-

4) Get current Wallpaper

Get current Wallpaper app is what its name says it saves you wallpaper. Now, why you need to save your wallpaper? Many times it happens that you love a wallpaper on your phone but cannot get it by some reason.

best app for the month

For example – You set your wallpaper from an app and to you to keep that wallpaper you need to keep that app so that’s the situation in which you can use it or some other case as you want to save you stock wallpapers in your gallery you can do that now.

If you faced any issues like this before, do try this app: –


5) Boomerang notification

Boomerang notification is very nice and simple app for the people who are really dealing with the notifications. This app allows you to postpone the notification, save the notification in notification menu, etc.

best app for the month

This can be very useful when you busy or in hurry and you phone is fully filled with notification, it is very hard to find yours. The notification of particular apps can be customized too. Like for some app you can directly add it to notification menu so it will not annoy you and you can access whenever you need.

Check out Boomerang notification here:-


6) Posture – be mindful

Do your neck pain often because of you looking at your phone continuously? According to the app, we look at out phones upto 85 times which strain out neck.

best app for the month

Posture just remind by the icon coming at certain interval to check out postion of neck and bring it to the eye level or keep it straight for a while. This app is very useful if you are facing this kind of problems.

Check out Posture here: –amazingdroid

7) Better open with

Better open with is a simple nice app which allows you to set defaults very quickly. Do you have the option in your phone while opening a file to open ONCE or ALWAYS. Many select once each time because, because they not want to make that default.

best app for the month

With this app you can choose which app opens which file type very easily and quickly, so you will not face those problem again and you can handly defaults very easily.

Check out Better open with here: –


Hope you like the post, Do comment your thoughts below.


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