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Google placed out some of AI experiments like Autodraw, Quickdraw, Infinite Drum Machine etc. By this google’s providing an open source platform for work showcase of the machine learning. Google has been trying to provide new possibilities for machine learning. This is a technique by which you are teaching a machine how to teach itself so you can save lots or time and lines of code as it codes it itself.

If we look back a couple of years from now, they were just at developing level and mostly used by IT giants like Google etc. but now it is being emerged out and used by people by Google AI API. Machine learning is actually the part of Artifical Intelligence and can be used is very amazing ways. Want to see some of the few examples of Google’s AI projects? Here you go:

Google AI Experiments to Check Out

1) Google AI Quickdraw

Now, Quickdraw is a really cool one when it comes to learning. By playing around it you will know that it came a far. What it does is to give you a suggestion to draw a simple shape or object like the sun, pan, fish and lets it’s AI guess what you have drawn.

It is fun to see the result and how it make guess while you drawing that object. You will be surprised knowing that how accurately it processes your drawing and really almost every time it is correct.

You can check out the Google AI Quickdraw and tell us were you surprised too?

2) Google AI Autodraw

Now Autodraw is again the same thing but instead of guessing your drawing it gives you the fully better draw pic. You can call this as an Autocomplete feature for drawing pics instead of writing text.

google ai experiments autodraw

As you start drawing it will show up the possible things you are drawing above, so as you see your object above just select it and it’s ready. Cool right? How it does that? The basic concept is to compare your drawing with its list of professionally drawing in its database.

Wanna check out Google AI Autodraw.

3) Giorgio Cam

Giorgio Cam is again an AI instead of identifying your drawing as mentioned above it identifies real objects with the help of your phone or device camera.
This thing translator is still in basic experiments but it’s really cool to see how it manages to identify the basic objects like a plant, drink, chair etc.

It loads and on start, a singing voice asks you to click the pic with the camera then it analyses and shows the best possible match.
Check out the Giorgio Cam.

4)Nsynth Google AI

Nsynth is a good concept in making the sound, you can make unusual sound with the help of machine learning. Now what it does is, mix the sound resulting in the sound that you NEVER HEARD Before.

google ai experiments

Like for example you can select Cow and Flute and select Nsynth, it will merge both sounds on bases bass by converting into the numbers and play the new one. This is fun to hear sound how the sound mixes with the NSYSTH.

5) Visualizing High-Dimensional Space

Now this one is really techy but one the other hand really appreciable too. This is a dimensional visualization of how words or images are used. When talking of words it gives how words are used in the whole passage, how words are actually related to each other, what words are used nearby them and much more.

google ai experiments

This is not only limited to just words you can have a visualization of images too. How are images judged? On the base of their pixels. This gives the visualization of the how images are arranged and also help to verify various patterns of it. If you are interested you can join them in their open source project called TensorFlow.

Check out Visualizing High-Dimensional Space it will definitely open some hidden doors.

We appreciate all the works of AI experiments, and they are really Amazing. You can check out the full list of Google AI Experiments.

Do comment your experience, were you surprised? Let us know.

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