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Here is the series of best free android apps of the month. Time to make your Android Lil bit smarter than before. This series will show the better alternatives to the apps that are used in daily life. In addition to it will help you to do your daily tasks in simple, smart and in cool ways 😉

So let’s have a look at Best free android apps of the month.

1) Hermit

Well, Hermit is a new concept. So first of all, we all are greatly exposed to social networking apps and these apps come with the great demand for space. For example smartphone, apps like facebook, twitter. Just to experience the Lil bit better surfing in those social sites because the mobile version of those sites is not so good.

So, here’s the solution with our best free android apps series. Hermit is the real space saver.

Hermit helps you to view those sites as an app without taking up any space on your device. Isn’t that amazing?

Especially when you are out of space on your phone. To use it just add the app in Hermit and then just uninstall it. It will give almost the same experience as those apps without taking up any space. Not only just Facebook, twitter you can enjoy many other apps and sites too.

You can set up sync time to those apps, and moreover, you can even backup and restore those apps to the device which is again a cool feature. Hermit even allows you to clear cache and cookies manually for which earlier you need to install an app for.

Amazing app checks it out below:-


2) Firefox Aurora

Well if you are not aware of this browser, it is serving for desktop and work amazing for PC environment . Aurora is working great in mobo devices too, which made it count here, on our list of the best free android apps of this month. Aurora is still in the development mode but still works smooth.

Like other browsers, it gives smooth browsing experience with nice tab management and features like incognito is available, bookmark management is good, sharing option is there etc.

So what make it different from other browsers?

1 : Unlike other browsers, you can save a whole page as pdf to read it later or just for sharing etc.

For saving as PDF go to Menu -> Page -> Save as PDF

2: You can subscribe to the page, this is a great feature when it comes to the browser. Means you will never miss any new post on the subscribed website.

For subscribing go to Menu -> Page -> Subscribe to this page

3: This is one of the best features you will find in browser. It allows to make a guest session which is amazing and nothing of your history or anything will be shown to the guest.

For guest session go to Menu -> Tools -> New guest session

4: This browser support add-on which means you can increase its functionality by downloading various things from add-on store. This is in the beta stage you will find more amazing things in here soon.

For add-ons go to Menu -> Tools -> Add-ons

Do check it out and if you install this browser don’t forget to subscribe to Amazingdroid 😉


3) Drupe

Drupe is again a twist in how we use the dialer and contacts. Drupe is one of the best contact or dialer apps as it makes our work faster when it comes to dialing, finding contacts, contacting them on various platform etc.

Drupe provides 3 dots buttons for quick access that will float on your screen in addition it has its own dialer which you can replace it your stock dialer as it gives lot more functionality that the stock one.

You can tweak Drupe in many ways and it has a lot of customization options. You can even set different themes for it and got many amazing features that brought this app on our list.

It got features like you can contact the person by social media by just dropping on it. Allows you to record the call. If not picked up the call suggest you to call a person with other number or to send a text or even redial it.

Drupe is great alternative for dialing and managing out contact, do check it out :


4) Radon

Radon is just a new way to share content apps with your friends without internet connection or Wifi. What it does is share the source of app to anybody who is connected with Radon. For example, if you share an app it will open that app directly in Playstore.


5) HQ Music Player

This app is totally amazing. Hq player impresses by its simplicity. If you are searching for a simple,smooth and cool app to play your music, this is the one.

By simple gestures and swipes, it almost does all the things you need to listen to music on the go.

Touch to play, pause. Swipe left or right to next or previous. Two fingers clockwise or anticlockwise to forward and rewind. Pinch out or in to increase or decrease volume. That’s it!!!

You can access your song and playlist by swiping up and down it is great.

Do try out it’s fun !!!


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