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Love watching free movies, TV shows but when it comes to downloading or watching it online it seems like long run right? In short it goes like this : Finding it, passing through few fake links, make a free registration account (whose id and password you gonna forget the next sec you step out of the site) and then don’t forget those advertisements which open in the back of your window, don’t you think that’s too much effort to download your favorite movie or shows?

So sometimes you need to get back with the empty hands because of bad quality, speed etc. then you finally end up in the movie folder given by your friend and choosing among those to watch.

Even if you get one great place to watch and your watching too but that is ideal when you have straight 2-3 hours of time without any interruption and this is hardly possible in today’s life.And so your movie becomes longer and longer, sometimes you need to repeat the whole process again and loose your interest.

Here’s solution for you which will at least reduce your most of the effort to download or watch movies or show

So let’s get started:

1) Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is a simple nice app with great features. This app is for watching and downloading latest movies or shows. This is simple and quick. It let you choose among quality of the movie you are downloading or playing. You can stream movies in your any supported media player like an inbuilt stock player, MX player, VlC player etc  and will download the  You can among different subtitles, various providers.

Selecting any movie it gives the trailer link, tomato meter and IMDb rating and short description about the movie which indeed very helpful.

The best thing is if you have any streaming device to connected to your Smart TV like chrome cast etc. you can directly stream and enjoy on TV which is very useful when you are not watching alone.

Download your files from here:


2) Show Box

Again the amazing app to download and watch movies and Tv show. Along with movies this app also provide a different section for Latest News and Trailer. The Show box also allow sorting by genre and year which comes really useful.

Selecting any shows it gives clean IMDb rating, description and trailer . Movies can be downloaded in various quality. Not like previous ones this one has his downloader which gives pretty decent speed.

You can choose the server you wanna download, you know sometimes speed in not good so you can switch these.It let you choose quality, type of player and subtitle.

Check it out here:


3) Popcorn Time

This is a nice app for watching and downloading. Popcorn time has an another section for anime if you are a anime fan in which you can choose among anime series or movies.

It has its own downloader. The app lacks in only one thing that it asks for VPN account to make you anonymous while downloading or watching which was the downside other than that it is a nice app.

Download it here:


Hope you find it useful and helped you somewhat, share your views below in the comment.



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