Hey, Everyone, this time let’s make your Android Lil bit faster and quicker by the sidebar apps. Yea, maybe you using one but check it out, who knows you find anything Amazing.

Sidebar apps make your Android faster to use as they provide on-screen control to swap among the apps instead of going to your physical button or software key for doing the same task.

Not only you can just change or swap among the apps but also you can do various system functions or even add you recent contacts which your switching and using tasks a lot faster.

So let’s get started with the: –

Best sidebar apps for Android

1) Omni swipe

Omni swipe is among one of the best sidebar apps out there. It got the nice and soft design. It will be at the corner of your screen and when you press it, it will give you all the great functionality of toolbox controls and your custom apps.

best sidebar apps

You can set your app for fast and quick access in addition to that your phone settings are also allowed in the toolbox.  It provides you three layers where the first one is your custom tab category, in next two layers you can set your apps or settings shortcuts.

Biggest plus point about this app is, that it got cool themes which you can match it to your style and wallpaper. The app link mentioned below is the paid version of the app.

Try out Omni swipe over here: –


2)Pie Control

Pie Control is a nice app which allows you to do the same thing but in little different way. It also provides you the almost same sidebar but the difference is it give you some additional facility as long hold. Means for one section you can set multiple controls one with the simple hover another will long hold both can be used to assign different apps.

best sidebar apps

The pie control doesn’t have any range or the variety of customization like theme which is it’s a small drawback.

The app lets you customize the two levels and on every app, you can set an app,  another long hold app, settings shortcut or even none or blank.

Check out Pie Control here: –


3) Edge launcher

Edge launcher is an app, not a launcher and it is little different from others. Instead of the circular control from the corner, It launches from the side central edge of the screen. It has nice smooth functionality and open center wide on the screen which is again customizable.

best sidebar apps

This app is very light like less than a 1mb and can be downloaded within few seconds. You can customize your favorite apps, quick settings shortcuts, recent app, no. of app. You can change the color in the app which helps you to set it according to your style or theme.

Check out Edge Launcher here: –


4) Meteor Swipe

Meteor swipe is nice simple sidebar app switcher app with a lot of customization. It opens a vertical sidebar when you swipe in the screen from the corner. You can set various apps, setting shortcut or even you made folders. On hovering over the folder you can access folder item.

best sidebar apps

Meteor Swipe comes along with various themes which you can choose and external plugin support. You can totally customize sidebar like opacity, width etc. which is again a big plus point. It also had Pro version which has more extra functionality.

Try meteor Swipe below: –


5) Swiftly switch

Swiftly switch is an amazing sidebar app. It is really very customizable and gives you maximum access to apps. You can access it by swiping from the edge. Firstly with the swipe, you can see limited quick apps but with further hovering till you have a lot of option.

best sidebar apps

At edge of swipe there is a back, open recent and menu button soft key and with the addition to it, there is a menu drawer and a system drawer which can be totally configured. You can set your bunch of desired apps in the menu.

You can also customize the drawer including transparency, size etc. which is a great feature. The new thing is not only you can set apps and system shortcuts but also you can set contacts shortcuts.

Check out Swiftly switch here: –



6) Circle sidebar

Circle sidebar is an easy and simple sidebar app. This app has no extra swipe or features just the simple swipe with limited apps. You can set and rearrange. Circle sidebar has a material design which is nice you can apply different icon packs for the icon.

best sidebar apps

The is not highly customizable but you can make few changes like size, trigger area, background transparency in it.

Check out Circle sidebar from here: –


7) Switchr

Switchr is really amazing app. Not like all other, it gives you 3 styles of launching it.The amazing thing about Switchr is as you hover over an app shortcut and hold for a second, it will open it so you can see its preview. You can even directly close it from there or open it which is nice.

best sidebar apps

Swtichr is very flexible when it comes to customization. You can customize size, style, zoom effect, scroll speed and much more. With Switchr you can change your long hold home search to recent your defined apps.

Styles are available as the circle, horizontal over the screen and big cards. You can try all those and set what you find best for you.

Check out Switchr from here: –


Hope by this you got your favorite sidebar app and now I think your Android will be faster then before 😉


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