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So here comes again the list of top amazing apps which could really increase the functionality of your device which is really useful in our day-to-day life. Hope you find it useful if you used any of listed feel free to share your reviews in the comment.

So let’s have a look at these Amazing apps:-

1) AmpMe

So out for friends gathering and wanna play some music loud but don’t have any speakers. Yea that’s happens a lot. Even one of you plays the music the sound is just not too loud, and more of hardly anyone will enjoy it.

amazing apps

Well, this problem can be easily solved by one of these amazing apps called Ampme. As name suggest it amplifies the sound by help of other phones. What is does is stream music to other phones. Ampme synchronize the music in all the phones so they all play out at the same time. It can be done very easily. One has to create and others as to join just like file transfer like Xender etc. If you wanna to share music then create and it will generate a number. Ask everyone to enter that number in their phone by choosing joining option. Once entered you can now synchronize and play music.

You can play among you available music from music library or can even search on and play on youtube.

Ampme is awesome if not tried any app like this must check it out :-


2) Scroll Capture

Screenshot are one of the most important features. Why? You know well 😉 From capturing important information to keeping chats as a proof 😛 . So why not add some of the more functionality to it?

amazing apps

Scroll capture is one of those amazing apps which allows you to take the screenshot of the whole web page. Means you can capture phone site page and can read it later or keep it as you want it will be having great image quality.

 Must try to check it out here:-



BHIM app was announced by our Indian PM Narendra Modi on 30th December 2016 and it’s hardly been a week and it made it to the top list of Play Store and our list too.

amazing apps

Already explained it deeply about What is BHIM? What’s the difference between BHIM app and other non-UPI based apps like PayTM, Mobiquick , FreeCharge. etc. here: –

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In short it’s the simply amazing app that transfers money to other, without E-wallet do check out the post in above link to know more about it.

Check out BHIM app here:-


4) Creative Diary

Creative Diary is just another simply amazing app. It is for you if you are tired of the old type simple Notepad app. This app has predefined set actions that we note down or do in everyday’s life. You need to just choose among that.

amazing apps

The creative diary has the creative design. The things defined in this diary are funny too like you can share your everyday experience, some bad moments and what you want to do after that. You can make Project plan which is a checklist, share the photo of the day, where you received money, mood, movie, song, quotes etc.

The creative diary is simple, funny diary app. This app still needs a lot of improvement.

You can check out the app here:-


5) Gboard

Last but not the least Gboard which is a keyboard app by Google. The specialty of this app is it allows you to search on Google directly from Keyboard.

amazing apps

Not only you can just search but can also share your search to the person. This was a very needed feature.

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The next interesting thing is they included GIF option in the Gboard. You can send GIF among the available once to supported platform which is really cool. And again the noticeable thing they worked on is themes. This time Gboard introduced pretty good keyboard theme.

Check out Gboard here:-


How you like this list, do you other suggestions
make sure to mention in the comments below.

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